10 Lavish Celebrity Houses

Mansion on celebrity walk in Hollywood

Celebrities are always seen with the latest, most luxurious and extravagant possessions. They are able to spend millions and sometimes even billions of dollars on cars, surgeries, clothing and, of course, houses. Many people think of houses as basic necessities, as long as there is a roof over our heads and it is comfortable and safe then we don’t mind. For celebrities, their houses are a statement; they can spend their money on amazing and overwhelming houses that leave us in awe. There are many celebrity homes that have been extravagantly refurbished and personalized to suit the desires and quirks of the owner. Here we will take a closer look at 10 of the most lavish homes owned by celebrities.

  1. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie – This prominent celebrity couple own various different properties all over the world, including an extravagant $40 million 1.4 hectare manor on Long Island, New York. This stunning Tudor style mansion is furnished with 7 master bedrooms and a whopping 18 bathrooms.
  2. George Clooney – His Italian Villa, also known as Villa Oleandra is located in the small town of Laglio. This peaceful property boasts its own private jetty, swimming pools, gardens and tennis courts.
  3. John Travolta – Located near Ocala, Florida you will find ‘Jumbolair’, John Travolta’s $2.5 million mansion. This actor is famous for his vehicles and has a house that is luxurious, impressive and fully kitted out to house his myriad of different cars and planes.
  4. Oprah Winfrey – Having a personal wealth of $2.7billion has allowed Oprah Winfrey to purchase her luxurious Californian home for $50 million in 2001. With 8 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, this mansion also contains a state-of-the-art home cinema and man made lake filled with exotic fish.
  5. Halle Barry – Bought for $2.275 million, this lovely Beverly Hills hideaway is built in Mediterranean style and is a lovely secluded home set in 1.3 acres.
  6. Sandra Bullock – This stunning Victorian home, known as Koch-Mays house was built in the 1860s and covers 6615 square feet. The house is built in Gothic style and features 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths.
  7. Madonna – Ashcombe holds a special place in Madonna’s heart and is a classic and elegant old home in the English country. Surrounded by stunning landscapes and green valley’s create a fabulous setting for this beautiful home.
  8. Jerry Seinfeld – In 2000 Jerry Seinfeld purchases this $32 million mansion from Billy Joel. The majestic water front setting measures 14 acres with a total of 24 rooms including 8 bathrooms
  9. Tony Hawk – Being a sports addict, Tony Hawk is the proud owner of sprawling 5000 square foot mansion that comes complete with a 4000 square foot skate park containing rail features and a central pyramid.
  10. 50 Cent – Located in Connecticut, this enormous 51,657 square foot luxury mansion was bought from boxing legend Mike Tyson. This home includes 19 bedrooms, 37 bathrooms, 6 kitchen, 5 Jacuzzis and 2 snooker rooms. This mansion is the ultimate in decadence and extravagance.

About the Author: Naomi Chamberlain writes for British Antique replicas, makers of luxury reproduction furniture including sideboards, occasional furniture and bookcases.

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