3 Essential Weight Loss Lessons

If losing weight is a race, keeping it off is a marathon- according to stats from the National Weight Control Registry it’s a feat only 10 per cent of us manage to accomplish. Follow 3 essential weight loss lessons to keep off what you’ve worked so hard to lose.

Be accountable

We lost the weight, and only we can keep it off. It’s easy to be so busy congratulating ourselves at dropping those unwanted pounds (as we well should be!) that they can creep back on with ease if we aren’t mindful.

Reaching our target weight is the time to be more vigilant than ever. Write down what you eat in a food diary, making note of weekly measurements and precise portions and calories. By monitoring ourselves with a strict fervor we’ll notice any changes quickly, and be in a position to fix any alterations before it’s too late. Prevention is, as they continue to tell us, better than cure.

Combining a food log with an exercise journal also means that we can determine any connection between what we eat, when, and any obvious
relationship between that and the energy we have. As soon as we become aware of our bodies as magical machines it’s much easier to treat it like the delicate mechanism it is.

Learn from your kids

Think about a newborn baby: they’ll never be shy about letting us know they need to be fed, and they’ll feed only until they decide they’ve had enough. It’s instinct. But as we grow older, we replace the instinct for needing to eat with wanting to eat. We chow down to celebrate, to commiserate, when we’re stressed, because we’re bored… we need to learn to distinguish between when our bodies need nourishment, and when reaching for the ice cream is actually our mind or soul talking.

Similarly, when we’re full, we’ve got to put down the fork. If we’re smart about filling our eating day with healthy snacks we should be keeping our metabolism stocked so that by official meal times we aren’t starving. If we’re beyond famished when we sit down to eat, we’re more likely to gorge.

Snack throughout the day, eat a sit-down meal when needed, and when we’re full? Stop.

Have fun

We don’t have to be so serious about our weight- we can embrace the challenge of healthy eating, allowing ourselves to get a little obsessed with
trying out new things in the kitchen. We need a food buddy who we can share recipes with, making cooking a communal event.

Getting our kids chopping veg and partner making the sauce means a happier tribe: the family that eats together is content together.

Also, getting our children involved in meals means we’re as accountable to them as we are to ourselves. They’ll watch and learn from our attitude to food, so if we’re talking up the benefits of broccoli over the downfalls of doughnuts, we can encourage everyone to adopt a healthy and enthusiastic attitude to food together.

We’ll be educating our kids as we educate ourselves- and much less likely to talk negatively about our own body image, too.

(Written By Laura Jane Williams for Court House Clinics, a leading cosmetic treatments chain in the UK).


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