5 Diets that Will Have You Fit and Trim by Summer

5 Diets that Will Have You Fit and Trim by Summer

Most people know that it is extremely hard to get in shape during the winter months, since fresh food often becomes more expensive and no one wants to go outside and workout in the cold. Maintaining a healthy weight and achieving fitness goals requires a disciplined approach to both diet and exercise. Winter, which is characterized by its sumptuous parties, comfort foods, and inclement weather, places plenty of road blocks in the way of achieving a fit physique in time for the warm summer months. Here are five diets that allow one to effectively shave off pounds quickly and safely.

#1 The 80/20 Raw Food Diet

A person can stop the cycle of over eating and weight gain by giving their body the nutrients that it craves in a format that is easily absorbed by the body. Eating a plant-based diet that is 80% raw and 20% cooked allows the body to consume greater amounts of nutrients along with active enzymes that encourage greater nutrient uptake. The problem with cooking foods is that some of the nutrients and key vitamins are often lost in the process. By eating raw, it is true that it might not taste quite as good, but you will be able to eat much less since your vegetables and fruits will have an enormous amount of nutrients for your body.

#2 Asian Food Diet

The Asian Food Diet is based on guidelines from the Asian food pyramid that includes complex carbohydrates like whole grain noodles and rice as its pyramid foundation. A variety of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and nuts comprise the next level of the pyramid. Meats that appear at the very top of the pyramid are consumed only occasionally, and they should be the organic, grass-fed variety. While this diet might be high in carbohydrates, it makes up for this with its healthy fats and low amounts of sodium. This diet also will give you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to eating out or preparing meals, making it something that you can stick with for a long period of time.

#3 Flexitarian Diet

Many people acknowledge that consuming a plant-based diet is very beneficial for weight maintenance and general good health, but they are reluctant to commit themselves to a dietary lifestyle totally devoid of meat. Adopting the flexitarian diet allows one to eat clean meats from time to time, but people generally fill their plates with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Similar to the Asian diet, this form of eating is great for those that have tried other diet plans and failed.

#4 Fab Five Vegetarian Diet

Those with the will power to fully commit to a vegetarian diet have no shortage of menu options when following the Fab Five Vegetarian Diet. A physician designed this diet to help patients overcome heart health issues. The Fab Five Diet allows people to eat five groups of foods including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and nuts. This is a hardcore diet that offers little flexibility, but it does promise an enormous amount of weight loss when it is properly followed.

#5 South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is an effective weight loss alternative to those who absolutely do not want to give up meat. On this diet, people exercise appetite control by lowering their carbohydrate intake and increasing their protein intake through consumption of lean meats and some meal replacement shakes. Once carbohydrate cravings die down, people consume small to moderate amounts of lean protein. People on this diet usually consume fewer calories than they expend daily, which causes a quick and natural way to lose weight.

Although healthy weight maintenance is a special challenge during winter, it can be achieved by following one of the diets described above which allow people to load up on nutrient rich, low-calorie foods. Each of these diets are effective generally because they are based on the premise that one will daily burn more calories than consumed.

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