5 Sex and the City Style Tips

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From the title, I never thought I would be a Sex and the City fan, but I love it! With feminism at the forefront, the lives of an admirable group of best friends, and with an ambitious writer as the main character, what isn’t there to love? And if none of this does it for you, you’ve got to at least adore Sex and the City for its fashion. Here are five tip offs about how to look as fabulous as our favourite four friends.

1. It’s all about the shoes. I wonder if any one has ever watched one of the Sex and the City movies and counted the amount of times the word shoes is said? I’m curious, but not curious enough to do this experiment myself, as I’m sure I’d lose count. Sex and the City’s iconic protagonist Carrie Bradshaw is famous for her shoe obsession, so our number one tip had to be shoe related. Invest in designer gems or search out high street copies to make any outfit sparkle Sex and the City style.

2. Use your best assets. The Sex and the City girls ooze confidence and that’s because they know what their best assets are and work with them. So if you’ve got legs like Carrie or a chest like Sam, highlight them and love them. Confidence is the key to any outfit!

3. Big Sunglasses. Huge sunnies make any outfit look glam and any girl look like a celeb. Carrie won’t be seen without hers on a sunny day and neither should you! Not only are they great for protecting your eyes, jazzing up a plain dress but they are perfect for the morning after a night out with your girl friends. If last night’s cocktails are taking their toll, big sunglasses will hide everything; in style!

4. Mix designer with vintage. The girls off Sex and the City love their designer items, but Carrie makes flea market, second hand and vintage cool too. You’ll often see her in some expensive dress and shoes, but often Carrie will combine a vintage handbag or a flea market bandana to create a quirky, individual, yet trendy look. This is a simple and effective way to look incredible that will work for you too. Mix your grandma’s old scarf with your staple designer dress for a look that will stand out the Carrie Bradshaw way.

5. Dress to your personality. Each of the Sex and the City girls has their own unique look and that’s because their fashions are matched to their different personalities. Miranda dresses to match her career-oriented and professional manner, while Sam plays up to her man-eating reputation with clothes that flatter her figure and scream ‘sex appeal’. Charlotte’s sweet, feminine character comes across in her modest but pretty dresses, and Carrie’s out-their, trend-setting style suits her strong, quirky personality. Find a style that reflects your personality because you’re beautiful on the inside too. If your clothes match the person you are, you’ll always feel comfortable and confident and will look as sexy and trendy as the Sex and the City characters do.

Written by Rebecca from Chillisauce Stag and Hen parties, specialists in the organisation of stag weekend ideas and luxury hen weekends


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