Cars That Are Synonymous With Their Celebrity Owners

People are drawn to news about celebrities for all sorts of reasons. We covet their incredible homes, drool over the elaborate vacations they take and the parties they throw, and monitor their ever-changing love lives, debating their choices over the water cooler each Monday morning. But for some celebrities, the fame and fortune come second to the passion they hold for their cars. It’s what every auto manufacturer hopes for, when a celebrity drives their latest model to and from the hair salon, the film set or the concert venue and is photographed every step of the way. And some celebs are incredibly loyal. Marriages fall apart, contracts are broken, but these are some of the cars that are synonymous with their celebrity owners.

Tweens all across the world have maintained an ongoing affliction for several years now – Bieber-fever. Justin Bieber is one of the most popular performers singing, dancing and posing his way around stages in every city, giving him carte blanche to pick up whatever ride his perfectly-coifed heart might desire. And what is his choice? A white Ferrari 458 Italia. It’s a custom model, of course, with white wheels, blue brake calipers and matching blue Ferrari badges. It’s certainly not low profile, and should insure he’s never late for a show.

Fresh off of an oddball performance at the Hurricane Sandy Benefit, Kanye West remains one of the most influential and controversial hip hop artists/business moguls around. And his ride is just as individual as the man himself. You won’t see it very often, but keep your eyes peeled for the days he drives his silver Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss. It’s an incredibly distinctive vehicle, with no roof and the bucket seats of a classic race car. This vehicle oozes exclusivity, and in fact only seventy-five of the Stirling Moss editions were made. Each one costs more than one million dollars, and in order to purchase one Mercedes requires you to own one of the initial SLR McLaren models.

Not all celebrities are quite as flashy with their motor vehicle choices, even if their wallets allow for near unlimited spending. Mark Zuckerberg, the boy genius who founded Facebook in his Harvard dorm room and still runs the company today, is personally worth upwards of seven billion dollars. So what flashy multi-million dollar automobile does he use to get from point A to point B? None other than a 2010 Honda Fit. It’s silver and gets great gas mileage, but otherwise is entirely stock, so the paparazzi will be hard-pressed to stalk him driving down the highway. Obviously the man who designed the most popular website in the world feels no need to throw his wealth around.

On the other end of the spectrum is a star known entirely for being famous, Paris Hilton. This socialite heiress has driven a number of ridiculously over the top vehicles during her years in the spotlight, with perhaps none as well known as the Bentley Continental done up all in pink she drove around in for quite some time. Now she’s traded up to something a bit less garish, though just as pricey. It’s the Lexus LFA, a limited edition ‘supercar’ that only a few lucky souls have been able to own. Don’t expect an inexpensive auto insurance policy with this ride, as the LFA is so decadent each one produced actually loses money for Lexus. So expensive to make that even Lexus can’t sell it for enough money? That may be the ultimate status symbol.


  1. Cars do tell a lot about the person in them.

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