The Most Stylish Women in Music Today


When you think about women in music who have had memorable fashion moments of late, artists like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry may come to mind. Unfortunately, the outfits you remember them for feature raw meat, riotous hair color, religious affronts, and revealing majorette designs (amongst other odd and obnoxious fare). In short, […]

Weird Celebrity Fashion Has Me In Stitches!

Lady Gaga in Meat Dress

Most fads and trends in the fashion industry are kick started by some creative celebrities who decided to own a unique look. Most of them are a bit bizarre and soon go out of style (recall the time when having a pair of Michael Jackson gloves was a must for every young man) but others […]

Sunglasses: Celebrities’ Top Brands


Are you wondering what Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Bono has in common? Aside from being famous for their music, the three celebrities love to wear designer sunglasses.  Lady GaGa, known for her wild and flamboyant contribution to the music and fashion industry can also be caught wearing all sorts of sunglasses like Ray-Ban and […]

Karaoke: The Best Way to Imitate Your Favorite Artist

The world has revolved around music since the beginning of time. There are songs that are hundreds of years old, so listening to music can be enjoyed by everyone, but singing along with your favorite singer can easily be done with a karaoke machine. A karaoke machine can give you a complete library of music […]

Buying Red Carpet Jewellery For Less

Taylor Swift Photo

Sometimes we all want to look like a million dollars, but most of time we don’t have a million dollars to spend. When the celebs hit the red carpet they are often kitted head to toe in the latest fashion designer and they have the most amazing, beautiful jewellery dangling from their necks, ears and […]