The Most over the Top Celebrity Homes

Oprah Winfrey's House in Santa Barbara, California Photo

Most celebrities are known to live lavish lifestyles of excess, but some take their fortune and fame to a completely different level – purchasing or building some of the largest homes in existence for families that are often no larger than your average. Of course, with all that money to burn, they have to spend […]

Most Desirable Celebrity Properties, Can You Afford To Live In A Place Like This?

Oprah Winfrey's House Photo

If you earned millions every year – you could afford to purchase amazing things. One of those things being property. If you’ve ever watched the MTV programme “Cribs” you’ll have seen some pretty amazing homes featured on it – and only a celebrity budget could help you achieve such an amazing lifestyle in such an […]

10 Lavish Celebrity Houses

Celebrities are always seen with the latest, most luxurious and extravagant possessions. They are able to spend millions and sometimes even billions of dollars on cars, surgeries, clothing and, of course, houses. Many people think of houses as basic necessities, as long as there is a roof over our heads and it is comfortable and […]

Help Oprah clean out her closet

Oprah Cleans her Closet

Oprah is giving dozens of her old favorites a new life! From now until March 11th, you can bid to win a pair of Oprah’s designer label shoes, handbags and more on All proceeds will benefit the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy.  Read more about Oprah’s Great Closet Cleanout (and see what she  kept). Subscribe […]

Steal LiLo’s Joe’s Jean Style

Lindsay Lohan owns several pairs of Joe’s Jeans as seen above wearing Joe’s Eve Jeans in Rocker, Joe’s Socialite Jeans in Eco and Joe’s Scarlet Jeans in Palmer Wash, respectively. See more pics of LiLo and other celebs, including Nicky Hilton, Reese Witherspoon and Oprah wearing Joe’s Jeans here.  You can buy Joe’s Jeans from […]