Celebrity Stickers Back in Style

Celebrity stickers are coming back into vogue with the younger generation. These stickers also come in the form of decals that can be placed onto skateboards, guitars, car bumpers, and many other places. These stickers are Die Cut from premium exterior vinyl so they are durable. Others are digitally printed with UV resistant inks on white adhesive vinyl. Many of these stickers are designed by independent artists and designers from around the world. Many celebrity stickers can be custom made to your specifications and shipped worldwide.

The most popular form of celebrity sticker is the bumper sticker. Get behind some cars at any stoplight, and you will see many variations of celebrity stickers on the bumpers of cars and trucks. These types of stickers are especially popular with political commentary, doesn’t matter which political party you are in. If you go to concerts, many musicians enjoy collecting celebrity stickers and pasting them on guitars, drum sets, and guitar cases to showcase the bands and singers they identify with. These same bands and singers will often have their own oval stickers to give out after the show to spread their name to the world.

Stickers are a great way to advertise yourself. Celebrities like getting their name out there and staying in the spotlight. What better way to do this than immortalizing your face on a sticker? Once stickers are placed on an object, it is often more difficult than it is worth to remove the sticker from the object. Hence using stickers for advertisement or whimsy. Celebrity stickers can be found on many websites dedicated to this form of fun. You can browse pages and pages of celebrity stickers and never see the same one come up again. There are stickers for bands, singers, actors, politicians, and other public figures that you can choose from.

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