Fall 2013 Fashion Trend Dos and Don’ts

With school starting again you may find yourself in need of some new threads for the fall season, and whether you’re still in high school, you’re starting college, or you’re out shopping for the kids and you want to find a few new pieces for your own closet, it pays to know which fashion trends are going to be hot, and which are not, before you spend your dough. On the other hand, a girl with some flair can find ways to work any trend into her seasonal wardrobe (although good luck with the pimpin’ fur coats that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis made popular with their ‘Thrift Shop’ video). So here are just a few fashion dos and don’ts for the 2013 fall season and how you can make the trends work for you.

The color green may have permeated summer, but it seems to have taken a backseat to neutral grays for the fall season. Although olive drab and forest green seem to be limping along, the truth is that people seem to be over green in a big way, and it’s not surprising considering what the current shades of green do to most skin tones (ugh). So instead of hoping that your greens will last through the coming season, consider that you can always pair faves with the charcoal and slate selections that permeated fall runways in the form of trenches, scarves, and boots, as well as suiting and dresses. You could do a whole palette of white, black, and gray to be totally on trend, but you might be better off adding some personality with a pop of color that makes your grays look chic and stylish, but more importantly, like you.

Another timely trend for fall that you’re sure to love when the weather gets cold is the oversized knits that will soon be hitting stores. They may have engulfed the size-0 models strutting down the runway, but chances are you can find one that fits rather than one that looks like you stole it from your dad’s closet. Again, neutral tans, whites, and grays seem to be the way to go, and the sweaters to look for should be a bit on the masculine side with a crew neckline and straight line through the torso. They’ll look like thick tunic tops. But spice them up for fall with skinny jeans, riding boots, and a popped collar and rolled sleeves in a cool color and pattern underneath, or add some inspired jewelry, like the chunky necklaces that are just starting to replace the collars from earlier in the year. And if your sweater feels too big, add a belt and some leggings for a tunic or sweater-dress look.

It seems as though color-blocking is going to continue trending this fall, although you’ll note the fall palette through tans, browns, grays, and olives, along with some rich, plummy shades. The nice thing about this trend is that you don’t necessarily have to buy specially-made pieces to partake of it, although there are plenty out there. You can simply choose garments that sport a single, standout hue, like a neutral top paired with a pant or skirt in a saturated plum or royal blue. Each piece can provide a block of color in your outfit. Or you can opt for one specifically color-blocked piece (like a blouse with one color for the torso and a different shade for the sleeves) to pair with another timely trend (patterned slacks, for example, or leather jeans and leggings). When it comes to fashion dos and don’ts, your best bet is to peruse trends, find a few you like, and make them work to your best advantage. When you make them your own you’ll feel a lot more confident wearing them, and that is your most fashionable asset.

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