Fight Against Boring Style With A New Hair Colour

Hair Dyed Pink

Sometimes there’s simply nothing you can do to save your style, no matter how much you change your wardrobe, make-up and hair style. If you feel like more radical action is needed to help rescue your look and transform it from dull to dazzling, you should consider hair dye. Despite what are often referred to as toxic ingredients, hair colouring is a relatively safe process which gives you the ability to change your entire style in one afternoon – and that’s something no piece of clothing can achieve.

If you’ve used hair dye before, you’ll probably remember the empowering feeling that you had the first time you looked up at your new colour. Think back to that feeling now, and remember what it felt like to re-establish your identity as a fashionable, eye-catching person who had no style limits. You can achieve the same result now, even if a number of years have passed.

Perhaps you’re a hair dye virgin, in which case you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about and why so many people are talking about the benefits that hair colouring can bring to your style. The simple fact is the transformation is unbelievable and will be especially so for someone who has never experienced the thrill of changing their hair colour with chemicals. If you’re still young enough to not have to worry about grey hair, all you need to think about is what brilliant colour you fancy trying out – and go for it!

Cast Off Your Boring Colour – Which New Shade Do You Fancy?

There’s nothing to stop you staying with your natural colour for your entire life; indeed it is becoming increasingly commonplace for people who simply don’t see the draw of hair dye or are totally satisfied with their natural hair colour and would never consider changing it (lucky them!). However, if you do find yourself as one of us who feels the need to change your colour, the decision of which colour to go for then raises its very important head.

There are so many different options when it comes to colour – you can opt to stay within the relative safety of natural shades such as brown, blonde and black, or go for something a little more daring and take a look at pink, red, purple or even green hair dye colours. While some of the brighter colours might not be suitable if you’re sat in the boardroom all day, there’s no reason why your career should limit your fashion, so try to get at least a small bit of exciting colour in to your look somewhere – perhaps as a highlight.

Whatever you decide, be aware that there really is nothing that will compare to changing your hair colour, even if you throw out your entire wardrobe and buy new garments. Match some clothes and your overall style to your new hair shade and you’ll be making an impact on the street again in no time at all, and that’s a promise!

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Laura Watson is a hair dye expert, having not seen her natural colour since she was a teenager.

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