How To Create a Celebrity Walk-In Dressing Room

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Lately, I’ve been noticing that some of my favorite YouTube beauty bloggers have an entire room devoted to makeup and clothes. It got me thinking…why couldn’t I turn my spare bedroom into a beauty respite, too?Every woman deserves a beauty sanctuary-a place they can escape to that’s free of children, technology, and household problems. My ideal dressing room has my clothes, shoes, nail polish, and makeup all neatly organized. This “beauty respite” is a place I can go before I take the kids to school; to relax and listen to my favorite music while getting myself ready for the day.

You don’t need tons of extra money to renovate a room into a dressing room; actually, you don’t really even need a spare room. All you need is some creativity and know-how. I can provide you with the latter.

Use Spill-Proof Flooring

Never use carpet in a room where you’ll be doing your nails and makeup. You need flooring that can withstand a few spills. Look at different strong floors like laminate, tile, or even linoleum.

Often times, in old houses, there is hardwood hidden beneath the carpet. Before you start shopping for new flooring, cut out part of the carpet and see what’d underneath. It could save you serious cash.

Light the Space

Natural light is the optimum light source for applying makeup or trying on clothes. If you have one window in the room, place a mirror across from it. This will make the light bounce throughout the space. Choose light colors for the wall paint. Light colors reflect natural light, making spaces appear larger.

If you are setting up a separate makeup station, opt for a lighted vanity if you don’t have access to a window. Never use overhead lighting, as this causes shadows to be cast upon your face. Other good makeup lighting is a wall sconce or any type of light-diffusing fixture.

Display Your Clothes

If you have extra space for a dressing room, your clothes don’t have to be hidden in a tiny closet. In fact, your clothes should never be hidden; they should be showcased. I like the idea of using commercial clothing racks (which you can purchase from Amazon), but if your budget doesn’t allow it, invest in some towel rods.

Another great tip is to pay attention to local clothing stores that are closing. Most of the time, they need all of their merchandise gone. They’d be happy to part with their racks for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy them new.

Store Smartly

You might think that if you have an extra room, you won’t need to worry about storage. In that case, organization is key. Line up your racks or towel rods along the longest wall. If you don’t have a spare room, simply section off a part of your bedroom using curtains.

Think about built-in storage and storage systems. Ikea has good deals on all things storage. Visit second-hand stores for storage options for your smaller things (makeup brushes, nail polish, and jewelry). You can find cute teacups, and other fun vintage finds to give the room character.

Make It Your Own

Once you’ve figured out flooring, lighting, and storage, you should add some fun furniture. Ottomans and small couches are great ways to add plushness to your dressing room. What’s more, you’ll have somewhere for your guests to sit when you’re modeling a new outfit.


  1. Dressing room…a girl dream…- “clothes should never be hidden” i so much like this phrase…it is true, our clothes should breath celebrity air…

  2. Very informative post :)

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