How to Determine Men’s Suits Sizes

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The evolution of how men dress and take care of themselves coupled with the ease of internet clothes shopping has changed how men shop for clothes. They are fashion aware, looking to see what celebrities are wearing and the trends they are setting. Men’s suits have been around for centuries but it seemed to hit a dark age for a little while over the previous 30 years. Men in general just didn’t know how to properly shop for them.

The first thing a man should know when shopping for a suit is the jacket size. How do you determine what 40R or 36L actually mean? Take a seamstress measuring tape and start at the underarm and measure across the shoulder blades and the fullest part of the chest. The measurement is where you begin to determine the size. 40 inches would be a size 40 jacket. The letter designation is for Short, Regular or Long.  5’6” and under would be short, 5’7” to 5’11” is regular and 6’0” and above is long. So if you have a size 40 chest and you are 5’10” you would want a 40R blazer. Simple enough, right? Blazers are actually about 2 inches wider and longer to allow for movement.

Now for the pants which should be easier, right? Most men know their pants size or at least what they think it is. Most men assume this based on their jeans size which is greatly incorrect when it comes to dress pants. Jeans are slightly forgiving and denim has more bulk and stretch than finer materials. If your jeans size is a 34, you might want to go with a 36. This is strictly for comfort and movement. Your inseam size can stay the same but keep in mind that your dress shoes do not have as much of a sole as your regular shoes and some hemming may be needed to keep the bottom of the pants off the ground. Now that we have these main issues covered: happy shopping.

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