How to Throw a Party Like a Celebrity

This is the time of year when lots of parties are taking place. After all, we’re not just celebrating the end of one year, but the expectations of what could happen in the following one as well. Yet in the midst of all of the festivities that are going on, you definitely don’t want to throw a party that will have more people yawning from boredom than yelling from excitement; you want to host one that is on the “celebrity status” level.

So, how can you do that without spending celebrity status money? Luckily, we have five tips below that will help you to throw a party that no one will forget any time soon:

Rent out a venue. Unless you live in a mansion (and if you did, chances are the whole “on a budget” thing would not matter quite as much), you probably don’t have the room to throw a party where people can freely move about. For that reason, it’s a good idea to rent out an actual venue such as a club. That way, you can do the following idea much easier.

Hire a live band. Having an iPod hooked up to some speakers is not all that entertaining. Getting a DJ is cool if it’s someone who actually mixes songs and not simply pushes “play” and “pause” all night long. However, hiring a live band to play songs from a certain era or to do certain covers or to even play a certain genre…now, that is impressive.

Have it catered. Almost everyone comes to a party with an appetite. Potato chips and soda are very “high school house party” reminiscent. Although this particular idea has the potential to be a bit costly, you will, without a doubt, earn the reputation for hosting one of the best parties all year if you have your event catered. Remember, you don’t have to make it a seven-course meal. Just have some warm finger foods, a bar and a dessert table and you should be good to go.

Roll out your own red carpet. If you want to have a party at a club or even something more conservative such as using a gallery that displays zen arts or some other contemporary pieces, people will feel like they are celebrities themselves if you have a red carpet leading up to the entrance and then hire someone to take candid pictures of your guests throughout the evening.

Create some “goodie bags”. Have you ever noticed that at awards shows, celebrities are given some pretty impressive gift bags? OK, some of them are really over the top with things like televisions, jewelry and vacation packages. No one is expecting you to go through all of that trouble (and expense), but it can be fun to go to a local arts & crafts shop and stock up on things that represent the theme of the night. You can also go to a liquor store to pick up mini-bottles of champagne or the grocery store to get bottles of sparkling cider. Without a doubt, sending people home with their own goodie bag is a very classy (and memorable) touch—a wonderful way to end the night.

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