Kim Kardashian wearing Black Blazers

Veda Kelsey Jacket as in Black or Storm - as seen on Kim Kardashian Thatcher Evolve Intarsia Dress in Grey/Black - as seen on Kim Kardashian LnA Short Sleeve Mesh Striped Tee in Black/Nude - as seen on Kim Kardashian

If you have seen Kim Kardashian out and about lately, you may have noticed that she is sporting a black blazer with almost every style. Here are some simple tips for you to use to try out the same look:

  • Mini Dress: Take your average mini dress to a business fashion level with a cute black blazer on top. You can mix and match any colors that you would like with a simple black blazer!
  • Black Boots: Skinny jeans tucked into black boots has little black blazer written all over it. Make sure that the boots are hot and eye-catching so that they pair perfectly with your blazer combo.
  • Sky-High Heels: In the same way, your perfect pair of skinny jeans will look truly stunning with elaborate high heels, and why not pair that with a flowing top to give a little bit of edge to your standard black blazer?

Who knew that one simple black blazer could do so much for your wardrobe? Thanks, Kim!

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  1. We think a girl can never have enough black blazers!


  2. Sarah Ann says:

    I think she looks great! I really wish I had the funds to dress like Kim Kardashian ! One of her outfits cost more than I spend on clothes in a year!


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