Did Miley Cyrus have Breast Implants?

O.o her boobs look like they are about to bust out...

The latest buzz in Hollywood glitz and glamour world is that the vivacious, chirpy, pretty Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has gone for breast implantation.

Where Was Miley Spotted with her Augmented Breasts?

The news came to light when the young, bubbly actress attended an event hosted by the CNN namely, A Tribute to the Heroes whereby, she was decked up all in a low-cut attire that clearly bared her white skin and breasts which seemed voluptuous than what they were before.

Compliments from the Hollywood Town

As the news in the tinsel town goes, the pretty little girl with a small stature might have gone for a small-time breast augmentation to give her upper portions a beautifully rounded appearance that does not seem out of place or awkward in her framework. In fact, many have complimented her new avatar by saying the new breasts are just befitting the gorgeous girl.

What do Plastic Surgeons have to Say?

Plastic Surgeons have also claimed to notice the lines of implantation along the inner parts of the lower portions of her breasts which quite inevitably proves the fact that she might have undergone an augmentation. Some have even gone to the extent of saying that the way the star shot to fame, it is quite natural for her to spend her fortune in something that she thinks might accentuate her beauty as a celebrity.

Miley’s Version

When approached on the same issue, Miley Cyrus pointed at her own belief in God and that He was the one that made her what, who and how she is. Therefore, she does not bother much about what people say or think of her.

So you can just wait with bated breath to watch the star sizzle up for her next celebrity movie.

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