Superhero Style and the Real Power of Technology

Have you ever wanted to become a real superhero but have not known how to? Well it is all possible. Superhero clothing is available from compression tights to the Vibrams Five Finger Classics to the Tramp-it Jump shoes and with some superhero gadgets you will be well on your way to looking like a superhero. Even technology has advanced so far to the extent that not only will it make you look like a hero but it can save lives and enhance real human abilities. If you do not know who Peter Parker is then check out the name Spider-man that is him, who once said that with great power will come great responsibility and he was exactly right.

The world we live in today is filled with real heroes. Real power is a style that suits all, pushing yourself to limits you did not think you were capable of. Learning new combat moves, martial arts for self-defence, athletic speed for sports, these are just some of things that real power incorporates and who wouldn’t want this superhero inspired style; you could be the next Batman, Wonder Woman or Superman.

One of the latest lifestyle trends that have hit the fitness world is to participate in Parkour training. Parkour is a discipline; it is what you call a physical art. The moves that you will learn in Parkour will enhance your super abilities and will have you running in all kind of angles, climbing up walls, jumping up, over and around objects or walls and can even have you balancing on railings and leaping across buildings. Sound dangerous to you already? It may sound like a dangerous stunt, but Parkour says no reckless behaviour and any kind of dangerous stunt, instead you are trained the correct way to bring out the real superhero abilities in you and being able to focus on safety along with self-improvement and personal responsibility. There is so much more to Parkour than meets the eye.

The Influence of Iron Man’s Style


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Iron Man is one superhero that is the talk of the country, but why is he such a big topic of conversation? This superhero is not only sophisticated buy his robotics are desirable and he is influential. The U.S. military even used Iron Man as an inspiration to invest time and money into developing highly advanced and technological soldiers. Military Exoskeletons, have the ability carry to a weight load of machinery and weapons they can even carry up to 200lbs for an extended period of time. Not only is their fashion highly technological and filled with gadgets, they can run greater distances without getting tired and they can punch so hard without really bruising an enemy.

Learning how to develop the iron man style in military creations takes a lot of research and money investment. Did you know that the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency invested $50 million into one project, and this project developed amazing results for the development of Exoskeletons and research into human performance! The HAL Exoskeleton in Japan is a model that is currently being developed for consumer use; imagine wearing a suit that can actually save a life. These suits are called Hybrid Assistive Limbs and are powered to support and expand physical capabilities. It has gone as far as helping those with disabilities, and further test are being made on the suit to see how far it can be improved; Nigata National Hospital in Kashiwazaki will test 30 patients in tests and then hope to rent these suits out as they will be capable of improving muscle weakness to helping other medical conditions.

The Future of Superhero Inspiration

The future certainly looks promising and the work of The Virtual Human Interaction Lab is one research facility opening the path forward. Did you see Tupac come back from the dead in a hologram form, this was amazing. It is research into this that enables the world to move forward and advance. Stanford’s University’s Virtual Lab has been building 3D images of volunteer and monitoring affects, they even studied kinetic movement; all of this is inspired by superhero abilities and style which now leaves the human world with the resources to develop a real superhero.

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