What Celebrities Love: Fashion Accessories

Katy Perry x Christian Louboutin x VS

Who hasn’t turned on the television or opened up a celebrity tabloid while in line at the grocery store and not wanted to own something that a celebrity has been seen in? As a kid, many people would make dream boards or cut out the photos and make a collage. Luckily, today, there’s technology that […]

Downsized dazzlers: Celebrity-style engagement rings that don’t cost a fortune


In the United States, we don’t have royalty, but celebrities fulfill a similar role for many star-struck fans. We buy pop culture magazines to follow their lives and admire their trendsetting fashions. We can’t seem to get enough of celebrity couple news, either – especially when they get engaged or hold a secret wedding. Maybe […]

Hilary Duff in Vince Rugby Sweater

Hilary Duff wore a Vince Rugby Stripe Boatneck Sweater in Cinder/Natural (available from Revolve Clothing, $295) while in Brazil on September 3th, 2011 (Source). striped sweater

Smile Like The Stars!

We all want the perfect look; we want our smiles, lips, teeth, hair and a host of other things about our face to be just right. We want to have the great look that we see on television, in the movies or in magazines that most celebrities and models have. This article will reveal some […]

Celebrities who need smile makeovers

Hilary Duff, Ben Affleck and George Clooney: these are just a few of the celebrities that have had their smiles tweaked by cosmetic dentists. But what about those stars that SHOULD get something done? We all know that looks don’t make the person but it does help with keeping a person from getting the creepy […]