Film-inspired Finery: Beautiful Jewelry Inspired by Your Favorite Movies

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The Bling Ring, a group of California teenage burglars whose story was the basis for several film interpretations including the 2013 release by director Sofia Coppola, inspired much more controversy than actual jewelry. There are, however, many jewelry lines inspired by original media content. Fans and mega-fans alike are bound to appreciate sentimental totems and […]

How to Search for Celebrity Sitings

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There are only two main objectives for traveling to Los Angeles. A person is either traveling there to enjoy the weather or they are traveling there with the hopes of spotting a celebrity. Naturally, no one has trouble finding that relaxing Los Angeles weather. Celebrities, on the other hand, that is a different story entirely.  […]

Celeb Shopaholics are Living it Up!

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We know the rich and famous live the glamour-filled celebrity lifestyle that comprises of all things decadent and expensive. They blow their cash on houses, holidays, cars and of course a large amount goes to fashion. It is not too surprising that there are many quintessential shopaholics in Hollywood and the amount of money they […]

Celebrity Fashion Trend: Pastel Jeans

Pastel Jeans, A New Celebrity Fashion Trend Summer is always a time when the fashion world whips out its brightest and most vivid colors. Whether at the beach, the mall, or a fancy restaurant, the latest trends on display usually favor warm and eye-catching tones. Greens, reds, oranges, and blues are particularly appealing, as women […]

Megan Fox wears Chaser LA Pullover

Megan Fox wore a Chaser LA Marky Ramone Brooklyn’s Own Destroyed Oversized Fleece Pullover (on sale now at Stefani Bags, $65) while in Hollywood on December 6, 2011 (Source). chaser pullover