Downsized dazzlers: Celebrity-style engagement rings that don’t cost a fortune


In the United States, we don’t have royalty, but celebrities fulfill a similar role for many star-struck fans. We buy pop culture magazines to follow their lives and admire their trendsetting fashions. We can’t seem to get enough of celebrity couple news, either – especially when they get engaged or hold a secret wedding. Maybe […]

One of a Kind Celebrity Style

Diet Dr Pepper

Diet Dr Pepper, one of my favorite diet soda choices, will be kicking off a new sweepstakes on March 4th, 2013 where you will have a chance to win one of 30 amazing one-of-a-kind prizes.  So not only am a huge fan of Diet Dr Pepper, I’m also a big fan of entering sweepstakes and […]

Enviable Celebrity Shoe Collections


My grandmother once told me that when she was a young woman she had a sizeable shoe collection that she estimated at around 75 pairs. While that may not sound particularly extravagant in this day and age, it was considered quite opulent in the late forties, when most women had two pairs if they were […]

Jessica Alba in Heartloom Dress

Jessica Alba in Heartloom Dress Photo

Jessica Alba grabbed a coffee last weekend wearing a Heartloom Anthea dress, available from Boutique to You, $218. Paired with a waist belt and denim vest, this “buff” colored maxi is a summertime must-have, as Lauren Conrad also knows as she’s been spotted wearing the same dress. Source: Berri Goldfarb Public Relations heartloom dress

Jessica Alba looks hot in her maternity avatar with some great outfits

Motherhood is something that every woman looks forward to. However, there are certain things related to maternity that become quite disturbing for many women. There are many women who are scared that they will go completely out of shape with maternity; while some of them are worried that their old fashionable dresses will not fit […]