Hot Celebrity Jewelry Lines


Don’t hold your breath for the LiLo line of jewelry featuring replicas of the piece that the wayward starlet got arrested for stealing, or jailbird-inspired designs (maybe she and Amanda Bynes could design a jewelry line together?). Instead, take a peek at some of the celebrity-branded jewelry lines that could bring a little bling to […]

Maternity Wear From The Stars

Pregnant Beyonce Photo

When women fall pregnant many things run through their minds and many emotions are felt; excitement, fear and a whole new world of experiences. Their bellies will start growing with a life living inside them and apart from all the other things they will need to plan for, they will also need to evolve and […]

Sterling Silver Jewelry Sizzles on Several Celebrities

Sterling silver has been taking center stage among Hollywood’s most fashionable. Not only are they ramping things up when it comes to their Tinseltown style, they’re showing off the latest fashion jewelry trends. The best examples that we’ve seen so far are from Anne Hathaway, Jessica Simpson, and Madonna. Anne jazzed up her award-winning ensemble […]

Even Stars Love A Bargain

In the July 4, 2011 issue of The OK Magazine, it shows the stars saving money. Some of the stars include: Kim Kardashian wearing a $159 Bebe Dress, Halle Berry wearing a $50 Gap Maxi-Dress, Brooklyn Decker wearing a $60 Zara Dress, Jessica Simpson wearing $98 Jessica Simpson Shoes, Carmen Electra wearing a $35 Old […]

2011 Jewelry from Celebrity Weddings

2011 is going to be a big year in the UK as far as weddings go.  The Royal Wedding will be taking place in just a few days’ time and is being celebrated by the release of all sorts of merchandise – including a Princess Catherine doll complete with amethyst jewellery (a little more affordable […]