What Celebrities Love: Fashion Accessories

Katy Perry x Christian Louboutin x VS

Who hasn’t turned on the television or opened up a celebrity tabloid while in line at the grocery store and not wanted to own something that a celebrity has been seen in? As a kid, many people would make dream boards or cut out the photos and make a collage. Luckily, today, there’s technology that […]

Celebrities With the Craziest Nails


Celebrities are always surprising us with the weird and wacky ways they find to make themselves stand out. And with the current craze over custom nail designs, it’s not surprising that many celebs have jumped on the bandwagon and started putting their own stamp on the hands they use to wave over the waiter and […]

Top 5 Crazily Dressed Celebs

Christina Aguilera Photo.

Okay, you don’t even have to think about this one to cite Lady Gaga, but considering that shock value is part of her shtick, it hardly counts (even if it does involve dresses made of meat or Muppets). What we’re talking about here is celebs who think that they’re dressing well when they enter the […]

Weird Celebrity Fashion Has Me In Stitches!

Lady Gaga in Meat Dress

Most fads and trends in the fashion industry are kick started by some creative celebrities who decided to own a unique look. Most of them are a bit bizarre and soon go out of style (recall the time when having a pair of Michael Jackson gloves was a must for every young man) but others […]

Celebrity Trend: Brightly Coloured Hair (and How YOU Can Achieve the Look!)

Neon Locks: Who’s leading the Trend? Image credit: graziadaily.co.uk You have probably noticed and increasing number of female celebrities – specifically pop musicians – sporting brightly coloured tresses recently. Those who are leading the trend include Katy Perry (pictured above), Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Haley Williams of the pop rock band Paramore.