How Do Perfumers Come Up With Their New Scents?


Devising a new perfume can involve many different elements of a marketing mix. Coming up with the scents themselves is a highly scientific process which, on the face of it, is some distance removed from the glamour which is often the public face which cosmetics and perfume companies of all sizes strive to present to […]

The Latest Celebrity Clothing Lines


Celebrity clothing lines have become just about as prevalent as celebrities themselves these days. With everyone trying hard to brand themselves, it’s either clothing or some kind of cooking tool, and George Foreman has already cornered the market on grilling. So here are just a few of the latest celebrity clothing lines to hit the […]

Weird Celebrity Diet Secrets

Jennifer Aniston at Golden Globes

There are literally hundreds of diets out there, so choosing the most convenient can be a daunting task. It is reported that by age 45, a large percentage of British women will have been on not less than 61 diets! Things get more complicated as we hear about unusual dieting tips. Celebrities affirm that the […]

Celeb Shopaholics are Living it Up!

Shopping Bags Photo

We know the rich and famous live the glamour-filled celebrity lifestyle that comprises of all things decadent and expensive. They blow their cash on houses, holidays, cars and of course a large amount goes to fashion. It is not too surprising that there are many quintessential shopaholics in Hollywood and the amount of money they […]

Weird & Wonderful Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Nicole Kidman Beauty Secrets Photo

Celebrities love to look good and will go out of their way to dazzle and shine. They appear red-carpet ready most of the time, but how do they achieve that beautiful glow? Let’s find out. Here are five of the most unusual A-list beauty secrets: Bee venom facials Do you suffer from lines and wrinkles? […]