10 Great Adult Nightlife Tips For Enjoying The Vegas Strip

adult nightlife tips

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Las Vegas is the best place for an all-adult getaway. They have everything you and your friends will need for an amazing weekend. Best of all, travel and lodging are relatively expensive.

adult nightlife tips

Whether it is a Bachelor or Bachelorette weekend, a girl’s trip, or a couple’s getaway having a few adult nightlife tips for a Vegas trip, ensures you’ll have a blast.

Knowing the perfect time of year to go and when your favorite artist is doing a residency, only adds to the fun. There are great memories to be had and if need be, abide by the number one rule, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Are you planning a Vegas trip? Keep reading for 10 tips that are sure to help you have a great time experiencing the Vegas nightlife.

1. Adult Nightlife Tips For Enjoying Vegas

Traveling to Vegas is an experience and you want to enjoy every second of it. Dress comfortably but still be stylish. The Vegas strip can make for a long night. You can walk the strip and be totally entertained.

Barhop and grab a bite to eat. If the mood hits you and the price is right, check out one of the many shows taking place. Catch a comedy act, drag show, or the Blue Man Group, which is a favorite.

2. See Which Performers Have Residencies

A popular reason Las Vegas is such a great destination is the show-stopping residencies of A-list performers. If you’ve never seen your favorite singer in concert or if you’ve seen them 100 times, you haven’t seen them Vegas style.

Not only do you get a show to remember but also a vacation experience you’ll never forget. 

3. Bring The Strippers To You

Did someone say a bachelor party? Yes, Vegas has the best strip clubs in the country but why leave your hotel suite when you can host your own private party.

Your best man can enlist the help of a party planner. The planner will bring in talented strippers and make your weekend everything you and your wedding party could ever dream of.

It’s no holds bars because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; learn more about party planning and booking the best strippers.

4. Fly In For Fight Night

Are you coming to Vegas for the next big fight? You’ll want to know everything about Vegas nightlife. The true experience isn’t complete until you hit the best casinos, night clubs, and strip clubs.

This is one trip you won’t want to skimp on so get your money in order.

5. Ride The Big Apple Coaster

Better experienced before you hit Las Vegas night clubs and bars. The Big Apple Coaster is a roller coaster ride located at the New York-New York MGM Resort. The cars on the ride replicate the famed NY taxi cabs. 

For this Vegas nightlife tip, experience the roller coaster using virtual reality technology that takes you on a journey exploring popular NYC landmarks. You can also experience a virtual ride over the Vegas strip.

6. Gamble the Night Away

Of course, if you’re going to explore Vegas nightlife, your trip isn’t complete without a few trips to the casino. As a matter of fact, your entire trip can be centered around visiting popular casinos on the Vegas strip.

For this adult nightlife tip, we suggest setting a budget and sticking to it. Don’t play with your winnings because you may need money to get back home.

7. Be A High Roller

No, we’re not suggesting you take all of your savings and risk it all on a Blackjack table. Be a kid again and take a ride on the 550-foot tall Ferris wheel or observation wheel as it’s better known as. The difference is, you and your party can enjoy happy hour as you look out over the Vegas strip at nighttime. 

With the happy hour fare, you’ll get to enjoy a private cabin with an open bar and bartender. Your ride lasts 30-minutes. Make reservations for around nine or ten pm to leave plenty of time to check out Las Vegas night clubs.

8. Do The Big Bus Night Tour

Here is another fun way to take in the sights of the Las Vegas Strip. Do the Big Bus Night Tour? Explore Vegas at night in all its glitz and glamour aboard the open-top panoramic night tour bus. 

For this experience, we suggest booking a private tour if you have a big enough party. What makes the tour more exciting is the ability to hop on and off at the best bars and shops on the strip.

Perfect for joint bachelor and bachelorette pre-wedding parties.

9. Club Hop

Club hopping is fun no matter what city you’re in. Vegas takes it to the next level because their clubs are more fun and exciting. 

Hire a car service or party bus that can take you and your crew to popular Las Vegas nightclubs and Las Vegas best strip clubs. You can enjoy drinks and dinner as your tour the strip and no one has to be a designated driver. 

The party can last all night long and you can start all over and do it again the next night. 

10. Dance The Night Away At Harrah’s Famed Street Party

If you’re looking for free, this is a great adult nightlife tip. Join the fun at Harrah’s Carnival Court, a pedestrian street where they offer an all-night party. 

You will have to pay for your drinks, but the live entertainment comes at no cost and you and your friends will have the same fun as you would at a night club. 

Are You Ready For The Weekend?

These adult nightlife tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to visiting the Vegas strip. With so much to do, plan your trip accordingly and maximize your time.

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