3 Ways to Fight Depression without Meds

3 Ways to Fight Depression without Meds

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Depression is one of the most common and potentially dangerous mental health issues that are plaguing the American population today and, contrary to what one might think, it can affect people from all age groups. Does that mean we will have to resort to antidepressants at the first sign of gloom? Not at all; in fact, a lot of the early signs of depression can be controlled through lifestyle changes and natural healing methods. Meds might still be necessary, depending on your therapist’s diagnosis, but even then, the efficacy of the meds can be made so much stronger with these four simple and natural methods.


This is not some generic advice given by people who have no idea what they are talking about because multiple studies and years of observation has confirmed the fact that a routine consisting of regular exercise reduces depression through an increased production and release of endorphins. Don’t be limited by traditional gym workouts if you don’t like them; instead, feel free to choose anything that appeals to you because if you can actually look forward to your exercise sessions, there’s nothing better. A correlation between overweight people and depression has also been established, so you will likely be doing your body a favor along the way as well.


Sleeping when you are depressed is a tricky thing because if you don’t sleep enough, your depression will get worse, but if you oversleep, the gloom isn’t going to get any better either. Then there is the question of depression induced insomnia as well, which makes the very act of sleeping a challenge. So the key here is to maintain a sleep routine. Go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. This little method of sleep control has been proven to be very effective in controlling the symptoms of depression and you should definitely give it a try.

Changing How You Think

There are some definite physical factors that contribute to chronic depression, but a major portion of the condition is a psychological battle as well. One of the best methods to win this battle is keeping yourself engaged with new and interesting activities. For example, reading can distract you from your depression and, depending on the material, it can actually make you happy within a few minutes. To know more about the actual benefits of reading fictional works, check out Examined Existence.

Check out some of the tips below.

  • Do not sit idly and ponder on the negatives
  • Adopt a hobby or find a new one if your old hobby doesn’t seem to be as interesting to you anymore
  • Approach irrational negative thoughts logically to counter them
  • Find new ways to do old things or simply try something new whenever you can

Treat depression as your sworn enemy (because it is your sworn enemy!) and do the exact opposite of whatever it’s making you feel like doing. For example, if you are gloomy and you do not want to go out, just do it and force yourself to have some fun. Now, it must be understood that this isn’t the same as ignoring or denying that you have depression by any means. It’s a conscious decision to accept that you are depressed and then fight it while being fully aware of what you are doing. If you can do that, not only will you be having a good time even when you are depressed, it will give you a genuine sense of winning as well.