4 Premier Fashion Houses that Gave Up Fur to Save Animals

4 Premier Fashion Houses that Gave Up Fur to Save Animals

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4 Premier Fashion Houses that Gave Up Fur to Save Animals

It is no secret that the fashion industry had been endangering, torturing and killing multiple species of animals for a very long time. Thankfully, a lot of people and more importantly, some of the premier fashion houses in the world are seeing reason recently and have taken the first steps towards separating fashion from animal cruelty. On that note, here are the four top international fashion houses that have given up fur pelts to save the animals from being harmed in the name of fashion.

Michael Kors

The name of the American fashion house Michael Kors is among the best in the country, particularly when it comes to handbags, watches, and other fashion accessories. In late 2017, Michael David Kors himself declared that his brand will no longer be associated with animal fur from 2018. This was a bold decision from the company, given that a lot of their products did depend on animal fur up until recently. He made it clear that the technological progress in the industry is at a stage now where such practices are unnecessary and therefore, Michael Kors would no longer be associated with animal cruelty.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is one of the most influential and significant names in the fashion industry all across the world and it was a big win for the environmentalists and animal lovers back in 2016, when the Italian designer declared that starting from their Fall 2016 Collection, they will not be using fur in any of their products. Armani declared that in light of new technology, animal cruelty is completely unnecessary.


Being one of the most ardent users of animal fur, it came as quite a surprise when Marco Bizzarri confirmed last year that come Spring 2018, Gucci would not be using fur in the manufacturing of their product lines. The fashion giant even joined the Fur Free Alliance and gave further confirmation to their motives regarding the topic.


The latest addition to this list is the famous Versace brand which became fur free just last month in March 2018. Donatella Versace straight out told the press that it doesn’t feel right to kill animals for the sake of fashion and from this very year, Versace won’t be associated with any products made from animal fur or pelt.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people and companies that do not seem to mind what animals have to go through and would rather make fashion accessories out of real animal parts than artificial alternatives, even though the technology is there to make the shift. The leather industry is one of the prime examples here where a small portion of conservative customers are sticking with animal-derived leather, when there are options like vegan hats, belts and shoes available that are just as good, if not better. Nevertheless, it’s only a matter of time before everyone comes around and given how many people have shifted to cruelty-free fashion products already, it will happen sooner rather than later.