5 Beauty Hacks to Save You Money

Beauty Hacks to Save

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We all want to look our best, but looking our best can mean spending money that could be better used elsewhere. An eye-watering statistic in a recent survey claims that the average American woman spends up to $300,000 in their lifetime on cosmetics. Here are 5 beauty hacks to add to your allure without breaking the bank.

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1. Coconut Oil

Coconut is like manna from heaven when it comes to your beauty routine. This versatile product can be used in so many ways that you will be able to stop buying multiple products. Use it as a makeup remover to gently eliminate the remains of your cosmetics. It is also the ideal moisturizer to nourish the skin and hair. For problem skins, try this out to make blemishes heal faster too, and with the cheap organic options available in the market, it will not contain any nasties either.

2. Mix Your Foundation

If you are stuck on using an expensive foundation that is the perfect tone for your skin, but the price tag deems it be a luxury rather than a necessity, mix it with lotion to max out the volume. The best way is to mix it as you use it on the back of your hand before you apply it. This way you will have total control over the proportions you are mixing to achieve the look you want.

3. Drink More Water

Drinking more water provides your body with the ability to flush out those toxins, and your skin will be thankful. Step away from the sodas that are filled with sugars and preservatives, and turn on the tap. An Everpure filter will provide you with restaurant quality water but for your own home so that you can take the filtered water wherever you go. Refill those bottles, and keep hydrated.

4. Make Your Scent Last

Before you spray your scent on your wrists, apply a touch of Vaseline. This beauty hack will ensure that your fragrance lasts longer, and you will not have to replace it so soon. Check out the sales after the holidays, there are typically massive savings to made on Christmas gift boxes, and you will pick up a bargain. Use the other contents of the gift box for other people’s gifts throughout the year – they will appreciate it and be none the wiser as to the savings you have made.

5. Smooth Legs

Rather than buying shaving cream for your legs, substitute it for your hair conditioner to achieve silky smooth legs. If your hair conditioner is a high-end brand, buy a cheaper version just for your shaving. The conditioner is ideal for achieving a close skin shave, and will not leave the sticky residue that some shaving creams leave behind.

By following the 5 beauty hacks to save you money, you are able to keep those hard-earned dollars in your purse for another day. Have a look at other products that you use in the home to see if there are other things that you can do to reduce your expenditure. No matter how little the saving, it is still saving!

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5 Beauty Hacks to Save You Money
5 Beauty Hacks to Save You Money5 Beauty Hacks To Save You Money