5 Day Spa Treatments That Celebrities Love

Celebrity Day Spa

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Celebrity Day Spa

Celebrities always seem to do things larger than life, as their public image demands. They purchase gigantic homes with swimming pools, tennis courts, home theaters, and closets for their shoes that rival the size of all of the above. They drive cars that cost more than you make in a year (or perhaps in a lifetime). They fly on private jets, they wear designer clothes right off the runway, they borrow millions of dollars in jewels to wear on the red carpet, and they spend money at kitschy, overpriced stores on Rodeo Drive and Robertson Boulevard like it’s going out of style (like the items they purchase will in just a few weeks). In short, everything they do is over the top. And when it comes to preserving their looks, which are their bread and butter, most will go to extreme lengths in their attempts to stave off the ravages of time. But some go way overboard with the crazy spa treatments they’ll try. Here are just a few that celebrities seem to love.

1. Beluga caviar hair mask.

Most of us would balk at paying the price tag for a small jar of this delicacy to eat on crackers. But some celebrities are willing to shell out a lot more to have the precious goop smeared all over their perfect tresses. With the number of times they dye their hair in a year for roles, it’s not that surprising that their locks would need a little TLC. And when you hear that Catherine Zeta-Jones is a fan of this nourishing treatment, one look at her gorgeous mane is enough to recommend it. But fish eggs on your hair? Couldn’t you just use a regular chicken egg and get virtually the same effect? (Hint: yes.)

2. Evian bath.

This beverage is best known for its distinctive pink label, as well as the fact that it’s one of the priciest bottles of water commercially available. But some celebrities would rather pour $5,000 dollars’ worth in a bathtub for a soak than drink it. Tennis great Serena Williams is one such sucker – doesn’t she know that water is free?

3. Geisha facial.

This treatment may sound rather innocuous until you discover that it is also known as the “bird poop” facial thanks to the fact that one of the ingredients is powdered nightingale droppings. It’s not very expensive compared to other spa options on this list (it clocks in at less than $200, which is still a bit high for your average facial), but the fact that people are paying to have bird poop smeared on their face is incredible in and of itself. So who would get such a treatment, you might ask? None other than fashion plate Victoria Beckham.

4. Diamond and ruby facial.

Mila Kunis took a lot of heat for this splurge of a beauty treatment, which set her back an estimated $7,000 (insert long whistle for effect). That’s a lot of dough for someone to scrub your face with crushed gemstones. One is led to wonder if she gets to keep them afterwards for that price.

5. Leeching.

You may have mistakenly believed that the practice of placing leeches on your skin to improve health died out with the middle ages. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s apparently making a comeback, and Demi Moore, in an interview with David Letterman a few years back, swore the treatment helped to optimize health. Of course, you can’t get such treatments at your average day spa, but if you want to party like a celebrity and get the skin to match, apparently you need to get down with slapping these little bloodsuckers on like a Nicotine patch.