5 Impeccable Grooming Habits for Low Maintenance Men

5 Impeccable Grooming Habits for Low Maintenance Men

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There are more aspects of a man’s look that not many realize: complexion, hair, facial hair, and more. Before, we were lead to believe that basic hygiene like showering was enough to look our very best, but that’s not the case. The beauty industry knows that men want to look good, too, and has started marketing towards those that could use the extra pick me up. 

5 Impeccable Grooming Habits for Low Maintenance Men

Taking better care of yourself doesn’t just enhance your appearance; a lot of it is tied to other features that make a man attractive, such as health and confidence. We want to look our best, but we don’t want a routine that is complicated or difficult to maintain. That’s why we put together some bare minimum grooming habits that can go a long way.  

Take Care of Your Teeth

Having a stunning set of pearly whites is more than just brushing your teeth or a quick mouthwash. Flossing and keeping up with your dental hygiene can help you avoid health problems like gingivitis and tooth decay. 

5 Impeccable Grooming Habits for Low Maintenance Men

Upping your teeth cleaning can mean switching your traditional toothbrush for an electric one, or making an appointment to get a thorough dental cleaning. Take care of your teeth now so that they stay in pristine condition, or else they may cost you as you get older.  

Don’t Skip Conditioner

Men tend to use only shampoo – daily – which strips the hair of its natural oils, making it more fluffy and dry. On top of that, they forgo conditioner altogether, which is what helps moisturize your hair and restore essential nutrients. 

For softer, healthier-looking hair, limit your shampooing to every other day, but condition daily so that your hair stays moisturized and fresh. This advice is especially important if you wear your hair longer than most.

5 Impeccable Grooming Habits for Low Maintenance Men

On the topic of hair care, find out if you are genetically prepositioned to develop hair loss. If you are beginning to show signs of a receding hairline or hair loss, ask your doctor of options that will encourage and maintain hair growth. 

If you are sporting the bald look, you’re not exempt from hair care. You still need to use products to keep your scalp healthy.  

Use the Right Products

This means switching out your regular bar of soap for a 3-in-1 men’s body wash if your skin is feeling dry. Or it can mean purposefully using shaving cream and aftershave instead of putting on whatever you find in your medicine cabinet. The more thought you put into what you’re using on your body, the better you’ll feel about it, and it shows. 

If you are worried about your scent being overpowering, narrow your cologne options to one signature fragrance. You will know what you like, and you only need a dab of it. Plus, it doesn’t have to be expensive – the scent is tied to your personal preferences, not pricing.  

Take Care of Your Skin

Skin hydration isn’t just for women. Find a good face moisturizer to help you steer clear of wrinkles and dry skin. Also, opt for moisturizing body lotion after the shower, you’ll notice the difference in both your skin feel and appearance. 

5 Impeccable Grooming Habits for Low Maintenance Men

If you’re an outdoorsy person, you’ll already know how vital sunscreen can be. To keep you from juggling multiple products all at once, select a moisturizer that doubles as a sunscreen. Reduce signs of aging while protecting yourself from the risk of skin cancer. 

Become a Regular at the Barbershop

Become proactive in keeping your hair and facial hair in tiptop shape by creating a habit of going to the barber – not waiting until it’s out of control. Depending on how fast your hair grows, and how short your haircut, your barbershop visits can fall within the biweekly to the monthly range.

Most importantly, please refrain from doing your own hair and beard unless you absolutely know what you’re doing. If you mess up, people will notice even if you don’t, and you don’t want to show up at your hairdresser and explain what you “tried” to do. 

5 Impeccable Grooming Habits for Low Maintenance Men

Taking care of yourself should not feel like a chore. If you look here, not all places are limited to a haircut and beard; make your barber visit your “me time” by getting your nails trimmed, relax with massages, and more. Let’s bring back bonding over beer, but this time at the barbershop.   

Look Your Best to Feel Your Best

On top of introducing small changes to your grooming habits, consider reevaluation of your diet and your exercise habits. Being healthy plays a huge role in looking and feeling invincible. Take better care of yourself – not because you have to – but because you know you’re worth it.