5 Must-Have Fashion Apps

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1. Trendabl (iPhone)

Trendabl is an attempt to create an “Instagram for fashion”; you upload pictures of yourself, your friends, or celebrities, and tag the items in the photo by label, price, where you bought it, etc. Tags are archived, so you can see what others are saying about the same items, designers, and stores. It’s a social network where you can like and comment on others’ fashion photos; which wouldn’t seem all that revolutionary, except for the opportunity to follow big names in fashion and hear their thoughts on trends. It’s a simple app, with a smooth interface, and a good way to keep up with your friends. (Cost: free)

2. HipSwap (Android, iPhone)

If you love browsing thrift stores and vintage shops, this app is a fantastic way to bring your rummaging into the 21st century. HipSwap allows users to take a photo of any item in their closet and sell it; like Craigslist, but specifically targeting thrift-store-style, fashion-conscious shoppers. One of the coolest features of this app is the ability to connect with celebrities and trendsetters, so you can literally shop their closets. HipSwap allows you to securely exchange details with buyers and sellers, and even arranges official “Meetup Hubs” for users to exchange items. Another major selling point of this phone is its availability on the top Android phones; most of the apps on this list are iPhone-exclusive. (Cost: Free)

3. Stylebook (iPhone)

This app allows you to photograph every item in your closet and assemble them into outfits like paper dolls from your phone. While it takes a bit of work starting out (laying out your entire wardrobe, snapping all the photos, and cropping each one), this is app is a blast once you’ve got a good selection to mix and match. Organize by type, style, and color, and make it easy to plan what to wear to any occasion, from wherever you are. It’s a little pricy for an app, but if you’re the organized type, this is by far the slickest, cleanest, most intuitive closet app on the market. (Cost: $3.99)

4. Lucky At Your Service (iPhone)

This app allows you to browse Lucky Magazine’s top-rated products, find a store that sells them, check availability, and put them on hold so you can pick them up as soon as they’re in. When you’ve picked an item in the size and color you want, Lucky’s “concierge team” places a call to the store to put the item on hold for you. Or you can just select “find online” and look for a seller to ship it to you. The app is free and the service is free, so if you’re already a Lucky fan, this app is a great way to get connected with the stuff you like in the magazine. (Cost: free)

5. ShopStyle (iPhone)

If you like the idea behind Lucky At Your Service, but want a broader selection from more stores, ShopStyle might be a better option. Shopstyle has fewer of the services provided by the Lucky app (no concierge service to call in a hold on an item you like, for instance), and it’s catered more to e-commerce in general, but you can access the full catalog of over 300 retailers and buy most items online. You can also browse fashion news and photos for inspiration to inform your style. (Cost: free)

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