5 Qualities of the Best Women’s Leggings

Best Women's Leggings

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The growing popularity of athleisure puts a lot of pressure on leggings to be both fashionable and functional. But function comes first when it comes to the best womens leggings.

You can always add layers of style on top, but if your leggings are missing certain key features, they aren’t worth the trouble. Here are 5 qualities you need to have in every pair of leggings you own. 

1. Firm Fit

There’s a big difference between tight and form-fitting leggings. Leggings that are firm support your legs and muscles as you move.

They encourage movement rather than restrict it. You want the option to go on a three-mile run without worry over the circulation in your legs.

As the seasons change, leggings that are too tight can actually be dangerous if they cut off your circulation beyond a point. This is one of the key reasons why picking leggings based exclusively on style is a bad idea.

Assess the fit not for how slim it makes you look, but how well you move when wearing them. Being active is the primary reason for runner’s leggings so make sure they meet this basic need.

Once you’ve confirmed a firm fit, you can get as jazzy as you want with metallic finishes, glitter, or sheer cutouts. 

2. They Wash Well

Clothes don’t last forever. But that doesn’t mean your leggings should lose their color after one wash.

It also doesn’t mean you should take to the sink to hand wash all your athletic wear. The best womens leggings are durable enough to put in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

It’s a good idea for workout clothes to air dry as long as you’ve got good air circulation in your laundry area. Check the care tag on your leggings to see what’s required during the laundry process.

Make sure the leggings aren’t too high maintenance before you commit to buying them. A thick pair of quality leggings will still look great after many washes. 

3. They Don’t Stain

You typically get what you pay for with leggings. Guard against the temptation to buy knockoff brands simply because they’re cheap.

If you’re buying food and leggings in the same place, it’s usually a sign you’re not getting the most bang for your buck. Cheap leggings mean there’s a high chance that sweat stains will show in all the wrong places after you work out.

Thin, sheer-like leggings can reveal embarrassing stains even if you’re not involved in intense cardio. You’ll know your leggings are poor quality if you try them on with brightly colored underwear and you can see the color through your leggings.

Good quality leggings don’t reveal your undergarments or where you sweat. Choose a highly absorbent material designed to support your body’s moisture while you’re active throughout the day like these leggings. 

4. They Don’t Rip

The other thing to look out for when buying leggings is whether or not they pill or knick easily. Most leggings won’t rip outright.

They get a small knick and the tiny hole gradually gets bigger. It might turn into an outright hole or become a run down your legs. 

Either way, these aren’t a sign you’ve invested in quality leggings. The same goes for leggings that begin to pill.

These are the tiny balls of lint that accumulate along the interior legs of your leggings from friction. This shouldn’t happen with quality clothing because the material should be made for friction.

You won’t get longevity out of clothes that pill because it’s a sign the fabric is wearing away. Eventually, it will become see-through as you continue to wear it.

5.  You Look Toned

The best womens leggings tell a flattering story about your figure. Though it’s not idea to buy slimming leggings, you can find versions that make you look more toned and athletic.

These are the versions that come with the most support and have reinforced layers to protect you from sweating through the fabric. Choose darker colors to hide any imperfections you might not want to show while you work out during the day.

Good leggings make you want to wear them every day. That’s where the trend for athleisure wear came from.

Cheap leggings make you pull at tug at them as they begin to sag during the day from being stretched beyond their elasticity.

Finding the Best Womens Leggings

Finding a good pair of leggings is all about shopping in the right place. Big box stores can be hit or miss.

They have no commitment to excellence when it comes to branded athletic clothing. If you want quality leggings, you need to shop with a retailer whose reputation rests on how well their clothes fit.

Once you’ve chosen a fitness shop you like, then you can proceed to shop by price. You might get lucky from time to time in closeout stores and find quality leggings.

But again, you can’t rely on what you’ll get making your shopping experience unpredictable at best.

How Should My Leggings Fit

The best womens leggings are meant to have a close fit but still allow ample movement. You’ll look more toned and athletic in a pair of quality leggings. 

Make sure you can’t see through the fabric so you don’t end up embarrassed when you start to sweat. Cheap leggings are notorious for showing undergarments underneath.

No matter how cute the leggings are on the hanger, they’ll lose all of their appeal with a pair of bright-colored panties showing through. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.