5 Stylish Swimsuit Trends That’ll Have You Dreaming of Warmer Weather

5 Stylish Swimsuit Trends That'll Have You Dreaming of Warmer Weather

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Did you know that more than half of women don’t feel confident in their own skin?

With warmer weather coming, you shouldn’t let any insecurities stop you from enjoying lots of days by the pool or on the beach.

5 Stylish Swimsuit Trends That'll Have You Dreaming of Warmer Weather

When you look good, you feel good. If you want to feel confident in your bathing suit, you need to find a cut that flatters you. Keep reading to fall in love with 5 of the hottest swimsuit trends.

1. New Bathing Suit Trend: Daring One-Pieces

You may have hated one-pieces as a kid, but they’ve had a complete makeover in recent years. Now, one-pieces are one of the most popular swimsuits!

Different cuts, patterns, and embellishments have breathed new life into the standard modest style. Try shopping for swimsuits that have flirty cuts along the sides or around the chest. If you’re daring, you could even buy a one-piece with a thong bottom.

2. Popular Swimwear: High-Cut

If your hips don’t lie, then you better show them off to the world in a high-cut bathing suit. This style is fun and feminine because it makes your hips look fuller and your legs look longer.

high cut pink one-piece swimsuit

Another benefit of high-cut bathing suits is that it can make your butt look more plump. This style is best for women who feel confident about their lower body. While you can find plenty of high-cut bikinis, you can also rock a one-piece if you’re not as confident about revealing your stomach.

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3. Flattering Swimsuit Trends: High-Waisted

Similar to high-cut, high-waisted swimsuits lean more toward the cute side since they offer more coverage. This style is perfect if you want more support around your stomach but still want to show off your legs.

high waist red and white striped two-piece swimsuit with ruffled one arm top

Since the bottoms are made of thicker material, they can help you feel secure while also smoothing out any problem areas. You can enjoy the freedom of a bikini and the coverage of a one-piece.

4. Cute Swimsuits: Try a Belt

Belts are a great accessory that catch other people’s eyes.

If you want to accentuate your waist, you can opt for a one-piece with a belt around the narrowest part of your midsection. If you want to flaunt your curves, you could also buy bikini bottoms that have a belt around the fullest part of your hips.

If you’re tired of standard styles, belted swimsuits are glamorous enough to liven up your beachwear without rendering them impractical.

5. Best Swimsuits for a Feminine Figure: Ruched

Not only are ruched bathing suits elegant, but they can also disguise any areas that make you feel insecure. The extra folds can make your figure look more smooth and curvaceous without clinging too tight to your body.

teal lace one-piece swimsuit with ruched sides

Whether you wear a one-piece or a tiny bikini, ruched designs are guaranteed to make you feel like a model.

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Now that you know the top 5 swimsuit trends, you can stay hot all summer.

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