5 Things You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions

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This modern world has made it easier to do loads of things with less time. You can now save make-up time with lash extensions.

Lash extensions are individual lashes often made from mink, silk, or something synthetic and are semi-permanently, attached to your existing lashes.

Eyelash extensions

They are very different from the traditional false lashes, in that they are not fake looking or stiff. They are also muchfuller, tend to last longer, and are not for one-night events. Besides, they are customizable for facial appeal.

You can get your eyelash extensions done at the salon by a Certified and trained lash specialist, no shortcuts. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting some, here is what you need to know about them.


1. It is a Luxurious Procedure


Having your eye lashes extended is one of the most soothing and enjoyable experience you can have. It does not hurt. You just lie in a bed, close your eyes and enjoy some calming background music and aura as the lash specialist attaches the feathery lashes to your own lashes.

It is the best naptime you can have. Besides, some salons tend to offer complimentary massages while they are working on you lashes. It can take roughly an hour and half, but you are bound to enjoy it.


2. Lash Extension is Customizable


Eyelash extensions often look natural no matter the face it is on. This is because they are customizable and meant to accentuate your beauty. You can choose your length as well as curl pattern. Most saloons will have lash extension lengths ranging from 9-15mm. You can choose whichever length you want, but most people often prefer a 10-12mm length.

You will also have to choose the material or lash extension make you want. Varieties range from Faux Fox, Faux Mink, Real Mink, Silk or Real Human Hair. The differences here are often insignificant, but the most affordable one is the Faux Mink.


3. They Last Longer


Eyelash extensions do not just last longer on their own. They need proper care for them to last longer. You can opt to have a 2-3 week touch up at the salon but if you want to save some cash, you can prolong them by not wetting them or using oily things near your eyes.


4. You Can Wear Makeup with Them


Yes, you can put on some makeup even with your eyelash extensions on. However, liquid-based eye products will damage them, so stay away from them. Nonetheless, you can still have those smoky eyes by applying a tiny liquid liner but do not drag it along the lash line.

Stay away from mascaras too, as they tend to leave the eyelash extensions crusty, damaging them in the process. Nonetheless, you can opt to use a mascara towards the end of your lash cycle, when you are about to get new ones.

As for removing your shadow, liner or any other eye makeup. Use a makeup remover, which is oil-free.


5. Eyelash Extensions Can Ruin Your Eyelashes


Lash extensions can ruin your original eyelashes but they do not have to, if you play by the rules of the book. Mistakes like pulling your eyelash extensions can leave you with few to zero natural eyelashes. Besides, it is very painful.

One hack you can live by if lash extensions are ruining your natural eyelashes is to apply Vaseline to them every night. They will be back to normal in no time.

Bonus Tip: When it comes to removing your eyelash extensions, you can have them removed professionally at a small fee. The process is quick and painless. You can also leave them to fall out naturally and slowly, by the natural shedding of your own eyelashes.


In conclusion, it is better to be informed when it comes to eyelash extensions. Otherwise, they often feel and look natural. Besides, they save loads of time on a busy morning, when it comes to applying makeup.