7 Tips To Grow Thick Full Beards

7 Tips To Grow Thick Full Beards

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7 Tips To Grow Thick Full Beards

For many men, growing a thicker beard is not as easy as it seems, due to a number of factors. The main problem for most men is the itchiness that comes with growing a thick beard. It could sometimes become unbearable, that they trim or shave too early. This, together with poor skin care and poor diet, would make the beard thin and weak. In the world of men, beards a regarded as an initiation into adulthood, representing masculinity, leadership and wisdom. The thicker the beard the greater the respect it commands. Here are some great tips that you can start implementing to grow a thicker full beard in less time than expected. You can also pick your beard from these popular full beard styles we are sure you’ll surely love.

Disregard the Itchiness

Beards usually begin to cause itchiness around the second or third week and this can be difficult to bear, so most men would quickly trim or shave the beard before it reaches thick status. One of the primary reasons for itching is a combination of two things. One is due to poor grooming habits. Basically the skin cannot withstand hair follicles piercing through when it is not being moisturized. Second is the fact that most guys cannot withstand the slight irritation on the skin in areas where new hair is growing. The way to get over this is to try to get past the fourth week. There might be patchiness in some areas and you may think it would never cover up, but beards begin to connect and close in better from the four-week mark. You have to learn to be patient and from then you can decide to let it grow on its own and take shape or sculpt and shape it by yourself, although letting it grow on its own, gives better results.

Start Exercising

As the beards begin to grow and get fuller, you need to improve on its quality by exercising on a regular basis. It is on this foundation you can build upon to grow some thicker hair. By losing some of your excess weight, testosterone release is increased, promoting growth of hair and healthy follicles. Exercise also causes blood circulation to increase, which causes more nutrients to be supplied for the growth of a thicker and stronger hair.

Reducing Stress

Stress is very detrimental not only to hair growth but your body as a whole. Stress increases Cortisol levels in the blood, which inhibits testosterone development. Stress can also cause blood vessels to constrict, making it difficult for nutrients to reach hair follicles. To combat stress, start with meditation to calm your body and allow stress melt away. You will notice improved results in your hair growth if you keep working on eliminating stress from your life.

Get Rest

Testosterone release increases when the body gets more rest by sleeping. If you can get a full 8 hour night sleep, the body regenerates testosterone at a quick rate. If you are getting enough sleep, stress levels will decrease and it will affect your facial hair positively as well. Lack of rest decreases testosterone production, which can cause those patchy areas on your beards that never seem to fill.

Boost Your Diet

Vegetables contain a rich dose of vitamins and minerals that boost hair growth. Our hair is a protein figment, so consuming protein-rich foods like eggs, nuts and fish are very good for hair growth. They increase testosterone production and give your beard a thicker and lush appearance.


In addition to a well-balanced diet, taking supplements can stimulate growth of facial hair faster. Your diet may not supply enough of the copper, zinc, vitamin B, vitamin d and vitamin E essential for growth of thicker hair. Supplements can fill up this shortage and have a positive impact on your facial hair. You will notice, there may be one supplement in particular that gives an enhanced result, stick to it and as you take the supplement day by day, you would grow a very full beard in no time.

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Shaving your beard doesn’t make it grow thicker

Ignore the myth that shaving your beard will make it grow back thicker. There is no real truth in this theory, neither is there any scientific proof to back up the claim. After shaving your beard, your hair will experience an initial growth spurt, but at a point, it will return to the normal growth rate, sometime slower than it normally should. The best bet is to let nature take its course. Keep the razor and the trimmer.

7 Tips To Grow Thick Full Beards