A Complete Guide For Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare

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After getting yourself a tattoo, it is time for the next most important step which is the after care. When you decide you get yourself inked, you must be aware about the tattoo aftercare requirements and procedure in order to ensure that your tattoo heals at the earliest and looks healthy.

Your tattoo will be defined by how well you look after it and this is something you should not take lightly. Before you get yourself inked, learn about the different ways you need to take care of it.

Tattoo Aftercare Guidance

1. Leave the Bandage On

Listen to the advice of your tattoo artist regarding the bandage. You need to leave it on for as long as you have been advised for by them. The artist knows the best and they will explain you the reason behind leaving the bandage on.

2. Wash the Tattoo Once You Remove the Bandage

Once you remove the bandage at the end of the specified duration mentioned, you need to wash the tattoo thoroughly with warm water and a soap in order to remove any plasma or dried blood.

3. Pat It Dry After Cleaning It

Use a clean towel and simply pat the area. Do not rub over it.

4. Apply Lotion

Once you clean the tattoo, ensure that the area is dry before applying a very small amount of lotion to the area. It will help nourish the skin.

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5. Wash It Regularly

One of the most important steps for tattoo aftercare is to maintain cleanliness. The tattoo should be washed for a minimum of two times a day with lukewarm water and fragrance-free soap.

6. Repeat This Process

You need to keep in mind that the tattoo is not safe from bacteria and germs until it has finished peeling. Make it a point to repeat this process until a month.

7. Do Not Pick At the Scabbing Skin

This can delay healing and increase the chances of infection. Hence, do not pick at the scabbing skin ever.

8. Stay Away From Water and Sun

Water contains bacteria which can ruin the tattoo and the sun can be too harsh on your skin if you are not careful.

9. Continue to Look After the Tattoo Once It Is Healed

A tattoo requires long-term care. Once it is healed, you need to continue looking after it.

Before you approach an artist for getting yourself inked, you need to understand the aftercare requirements thoroughly. Go ahead with the tattoo only if you are ready for the aftercare efforts. Do not take it lightly and give appropriate time and care to the tattoo in order to ensure it heals well. Every tattoo artist will explain the aftercare procedures to you. You need to understand the same and follow it in order to ensure that your tattoo looks the same for many years to come. It is now a part of your body and should be looked after with care.