A Guide on the Various Swimwear Options for Plus Sized Women

Plus Size Swimsuit Options

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Plus Size Swimsuit Options

As with clothing, the swimwear scene too has seen a lot of options coming in for women with above average body sizes. With so many options to choose from, the actual task can get a tad confusing. This guide aims to help out all those women who are looking for information on the various kinds of plus-size swimwear that best complement their body types. Once you have realized about your needs and which one would go best with your figure, the rest of the job appears like a cake-walk.

The Classic One Piece

If you are a plus sized women then be absolutely confident of going in for a traditional single piece swimwear. Traditional one piece swimwear always
complements women with a full figure. The only things that can actually hamper the choice of a one piece are with regards to the color, coverage and of course the cut.

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The high degree of coverage offered by a one piece is a boon to many plus sized women as it helps conceal areas of their body that are not very flattering. As such, they help you gain in confidence when strolling on the beach or lounging by the pool.

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The Swimdresses

Another swimwear option that can be termed a classic, swimdresses rarely make you look bad. They have been in existence for many years now and have been continuously upgraded with changing times and fashions.

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Another aspect that weighs in favor of swimdresses is that they are perfectly suited for plus sized women of all ages. So if you are done with the looks of a traditional swimsuit then go for a swimdress without a moment’s pause.

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The Skirtini

This is the name given to a normal two piece that has been suited to the needs of plus sized women. Besides possessing the classic look of the swimdress, the skirtini also counts among its strength the versatility associated with a classic two piece.

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The skirtini is also distinguished by its use of interchangeable tops (akin to tankinis with halter tops) and bottoms that are not very different to skirts. For plus sized women looking for a greater degree of coverage, a skirtini makes the perfect choice.

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The Shortini

The shortini, just like the skirtini, offers more coverage for areas of the thighs, butt and the hips. Similarly, it too has the versatility of the skirtini as it allows you the freedom of mixing and matching.

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The strengths of this type of swimwear are a good amount of coverage and comfort. This makes it ideal for women looking for a modest and yet trendy look.

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The Tankini

In a very short time, the tankini has risen to become the most popular piece of swimwear among plus sized women. The tankini comes as a refreshing change to the staid appearance of the one piece.

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The best part of this swimwear is that you have the freedom to separately buy the top and bottom parts. So plus sized women with a bigger bottom can very simply choose to buy the top and bottom parts of different sizes.

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Despite the various types of swimwear for plus sized women listed above, the ultimate choice rests with the individual. Just make sure to pick up something that celebrates your naturally curvy body instead of making it look like a burden.

Plus Size Swimsuit Options for 2017