The Beautiful Skin Checklist


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Maintaining great skin isn’t just about one product. There are many things you need to keep track of, and it’s not just about buying the most expensive creams. People who suffer with blemishes or acne can often get frustrated because they can’t find a quick solution. But in the field of skin care, there are often no easy answers.


It’s essential that you keep up a good routine that covers all the basics in order to improve your odds of having beautiful skin. It takes perseverance for all the stars to align but when they do, you’ll be rewarded with awesome skin you can be proud of. Here is a handy checklist for things you need to consider on a daily basis.

1. Drink water

Forget about those with skin problems, most people in general don’t drink enough water on a day-to-day basis. Remember when your teachers told you your body was composed of over 90% water? They weren’t kidding, and it’s one of the most important things to remember when it comes to skin care. Your body goes through a lot of water each day, and some people are mildly dehydrated without even knowing it. When it comes to your skin, drinking water retains your moisture levels inside and outside.

2. Avoid stress and caffeine

Reducing stress is easier said than done, right? We live busier lives than ever and our schedules can be very hectic. Stress is one of those intangibles that can have an impact on the health of your skin. It doesn’t affect everyone, but it can really do a number on your acne if you are susceptible. To make matters worse, caffeine can stimulate your skin in all the wrong ways just like stress. Try to avoid caffeinated beverages as much as possible.

3. Wash smart

Learning to wash responsibly is a big part of positive skin care, and it’s not just something you discover overnight. Everyone has different nuances associated with their own skin. It’s important to figure out how your skin responds to certain cleansers, and finding the right one can be a real chore. Most importantly, remember that over washing is a real threat to the health and strength of your skin.

4. Moisturize

Yes, you should moisturize even if you have oily skin. Sometimes oily skin is the results of your skin compensating for a lack of moisture. There are some great natural moisturizers on the market these days that won’t clog your pores. When you drink lots of water and moisturize on the outside, your skin will thank you in the future.

5. Sun Care

This is an important part of skincare that you need to think about at all times of the year. Obviously, most people only think about wearing sunscreen when it’s summertime. Some people don’t even wear it at all. One day of overexposure isn’t going to hurt, but this is about cumulative effects. Over time, if you don’t keep a careful eye on your sun care routine, your skin can incur a lot of damage. It’s not just acne you have to worry about, there’s wrinkles, premature aging, and of course skin cancer.

6. Omega 3s

If you’re looking for a healthy food that will boost the strength of your skin, turn to something loaded with Omega threes. A perfect example is salmon which can be cooked in a variety of healthy ways. Omega threes help to pump up your skin while giving it the building blocks necessary for revitalization.

7. Antioxidants

Antioxidants are great for counteracting the effects of daily harmful exposure. Whether you know it or not, your skin is exposed to harmful elements every day. Antioxidants prevent free radicals from latching on to healthy skin cells and making them weaker.

8. Live Healthy

As stated in the beginning of this article, skin care and acne prevention isn’t just about buying products. It’s important to realize how intimately your body is connected to all its parts. You’ll benefit from a great diet, daily exercise, and restful sleep at night. These elements alone aren’t going to solve all your skin woes, but they’ll definitely help when you incorporate them into a comprehensive routine.

Having bad skin can be embarrassing but it doesn’t have to ruin your life. There are emotional aspects to skin care, and that’s what we are here to cover in addition to providing helpful tips. Visit our skin care blog to learn about daily beauty habits.

Beautiful Skin Checklist