Beauty Sleep Hacks That Will Have You Glowing in the Morning

beauty sleep hacks

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Sleep is such a fundamental aspect to not only keeping our bodies healthy, but to be mentally exhilarated. The best feeling is waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after an amazing night’s sleep.

If you struggle with your sleep, here are some simple tips and tricks that will help to make you feel full of life and energy in the morning.

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Getting your blood pumping in the day is such a great way to improve your sleep. You don’t have to necessarily work out at a particular time to make it improve your sleep; simply choose a time that works best for you and your schedule. Exercise speeds up your heart rate and burns off excess energy, meaning that when you get into bed to fall asleep, you’ll feel more worn out and tired. Another bonus to exercising is that it helps pump nutrients into your skin and creates a flow of oxygen all around your body so you won’t just feel fresh, you’ll look refreshed too. Exercising outdoors is another great tip, as the more natural sunlight you are exposed to, the longer and more improved sleep you will get.

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Less Blue Light Exposure

Blue light is the light that is produced from things like laptops, TVs, and smartphones. Blue light can penetrate to the lining at the back of the eye called the retina. This is why looking at screens for too long can cause you to have sore eyes and keep you up at night. Looking at bright screens before bed also tricks your mind into thinking it’s still daytime because of the bright light. Waking up groggy and with puffy eyes is never a good look. Try and have some tech-free time before falling asleep, and your quality of sleep and your complexion will improve instantly.

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If you wake up with aches and pains or keep overheating in the middle of the night, it’s definitely worth looking into a new mattress. There are many mattresses that can help keep you cool at night, which will make you sleep so much easier. It is such a common thing to wake up from being too hot and sweaty in the middle of the night, so treat yourself to a mattress that can help you feel comfortable, cool and well-rested. This way, your body will have time to repair itself at night and reduce the amount of cortisol released into your system. This stress hormone has been linked to inflammation, acne and eczema, and so reducing your levels will do wonders for your beauty routine, which leads us onto our next point.

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Set Yourself a Routine

Let’s face it – no one likes waking up to a dreaded alarm bell. But if you really want to improve your sleep and feel exhilarated in the daytime, a major factor to help you do so is setting yourself a routine. It can be as simple as telling yourself to be in bed by a certain time to start winding down and then waking up to a set alarm that goes off at the same time every day. If you absolutely hate the idea of waking up too forcefully and abruptly, try setting your alarm tone to a gentle melody that begins to get louder ever so slightly so that you can gently glide into being awake. Help your body find its natural rhythm by giving it a nudge in the right direction.

Give your body and mind a little helping hand to take away all the stresses of day to day life. These little tips and tricks are so beneficial to helping you feel fresh and ready for the day, you’ll definitely thank yourself for it!