Body Piercing: A Decision To Make

navel piercing

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Some people considering body piercing as an art or a fashion… where they can express themselves.

Piercing, which is a form of modifying the body, creates an opening where jewelry can be worn or where an implant can be inserted.

Although it is part of their self-expression or representing culture practices, some people still considered having multiple piercings are not pleasant as it is not accepted in their culture.

If you are that person who wants to have another piercing or a first-timer, this article is a perfect guide for you to decide in which part of your body you wish to place your piercing.

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Ear Piercing

The ears are the standard part of the body where women placed a piercing. Traditionally, women acquire their first piercing, located at their ear lobes, when they are young.

pierced ears

But ear piercing is not only limited to women; you can see men of this generation having multiple ears piercing as part of their fashion. Some people even stretch their earlobes and use plug earrings to level up their style

Ear piercing is not just a form of self-expression or part of one’s fashion but has scientific benefits.

  • There is the idea that piercings in particular parts of one’s ear strengthen their vision in certain traditions.
  • It is thought to assist with digestion by piercing the auricle region.
  • It is strongly recommended for a child to get pierced in the ears as soon as possible for brain development.
  • Studies indicate that migraine patients potentially benefit from daith piercing, which is a piercing that passes through the ear’s innermost cartilage.
  • It is thought that piercing an inch above the earlobe helps treat back pain, chronic pain, and increases muscle relaxation.
  • Some studies have shown that ear piercing helps combat problems with the throat, tongue, eyes, and ears.
  • The piercing of the ears will help produce sperm for men. And males are mandatorily subjected to ear piercing in most Indian cultures.

Navel Piercing

Also known as a belly button piercing.

navel piercing

The accompanying longer healing time can heal quickly and without discomfort, such as an ear piercing or heal more like a surface piercing. Healing usually takes around 6-9 months, or sometimes more, and it will recover perfectly as long as it’s cleaned.

If you decide to have a navel piercing, you should take steps to avoid future problems.

  • Wash your hands first before touching your navel pierced.
  • For one month, clean your pierced for at least twice or thrice a day with saline solution.
  • Stop tight clothes around your waist, not to close in your navel area, being in the tan beds, hot bathtubs, pools, and lying on your stomach until at least much of the piercing is healed.
  • Track where the piercing is located to ensure that infections, reactions for allergy, or jewelry rejection problems are not present.
  • When you can slip the jewelry back and forth without pain or resistance, do not adjust the jewelry for the next six months or about a year into the healing process.
  • Avoid the sun to prevent sunburns.

Nose Piercing

Currently, nose piercing is one of those popular body piercings. Everyone having septum or cartilage piercing looks great! The pain of having a nose piercing is less than those other piercing, and it will take a little time to heal.

According to statistics, 19 % and 15 % of pierced women and men have a nose piercing.

Nose piercing is considered, according to ayurvedic therapy, an essential practice in Indian culture. The importance of wearing nose studs varies from one country to another.

  • Plays a crucial role in alleviating the birth of children.
  • For women, having a nose ring on the nose’s left side reduces their menstrual pain. Having said, it includes in the nose piercing’s most significant health advantages.
  • The piercing on the left nose reduces the pain of delivering an infant. In rural India, it is a shared belief that the nose ring helps the child-birth process.

nose and tongue rings

Tongue Piercing

Mostly common among men, this one is chosen for different reasons by individuals. It looks incredibly erotic and conveys sexiness. About 16% of men have a tongue piercing, and only 9% of women engage in it.

Tongue piercing has less pain at all for most individuals. It is a painless piercing to have, just like lip or labret piercings, but it could be the most painful piercing period during the healing period. Distension is reasonably significant, and for a couple of days, you will find it challenging to talk and eat, but sitting through the procedure is generally reasonable.

For more opinions about having a piercing or where you can put a piercing, watch this video:


If there is no pain, there is no gain. Having many piercings or piercing as self-expression or making it as part of your fashion is not bad at all. It differs on how people perceive it. If you see yourself having one of these body piercings, then do it. As long as you are right to yourself and can endure the pain of having it for a season.