Where Do Celebrities Buy Jewelry?

Celebrity Jewelry

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Where do you think celebrities buy their jewelry? Cartier or the local jewelry stores? You might be surprised at where they do pick up the little bits of jewelry they wear. You probably think like a lot of people that they don’t buy their jewelry, but are given pieces from the designers. Right? Well, you’re right and you’re wrong. The one thing jewelry designers need is publicity showing their designs, so other people will flock to their store and buy them. Well, a blogger review won’t bring in a lot of people looking for a specific piece of jewelry, but a celebrity review may. But celebrities may also have one of a kind pieces of jewelry with prices are fit for kings and queens. Celebrities include movie stars, actresses, and actors.

Sometimes, Cartier and other jewelry makers will loan a celebrity a piece of jewelry for an important event, the same with other designers of jewelry. Other times, jewelry designers will gift a celebrity with jewelry. That way the celebrity can wear it all the time to receive the maximum amount of coverage when they are photographed.

Most of the time a celebrity will see a price of jewelry they like and buy it. They are photographed wearing it and it becomes the next piece of “must have” jewelry. It doesn’t matter if they get it from Cartier’s or the local jewelry stores. It’s the design of the jewelry that counts, not the price.

Other times, actresses will find something they wear everyday such as when Holly Marie Combs of Charmed fame, wore a hair band to keep her hair in out of her face on the show. She found the hair glove at her local jewelry store. When fans saw it they all wanted one, and the shop became the next must have hair piece. Even though the show is long gone, the hair glove is still a popular hair piece.

Of course, when celebrities wear jewelry from fancy places like Cartier’s, there are other local jewelry stores that will “copy” the design because not everyone has the bucks to buy something from Cartier. You can wear the same type of jewelry as your favorite celebrity, but you’ll have to look around for a jewelry store that carries it or at least a copy of the design.

Keep a lookout for any celebrity wearing jewelry, and then look at your local jewelry stores and you may find one that looks close to the actual piece. Jewelry designers do allow their designs to be used at other stores.

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