Celebrity Style: Sheer Maxi Dresses

Sweet Illusions Sheer Black Maxi Dress

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Sweet Illusions Sheer Black Maxi Dress
Sweet Illusions Sheer Black Maxi Dress, $48 from Lulu’s
No one was more surprised than me when the first murmurs of the merging of two wardrobe staples – the maxi dress and sheer fabric – began to circulate. On paper it’s a bit of a “never the twain shall meet” situation. The maxi dress has allowed us glamour and warmth over the long winter months (who can argue with that). Sheer fabrics are a little more problematic and can leave you nearer to a Playboy Bunny than Rhianna if not handled with care.

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Separately these two trends are always bankable and circle the periphery of the fashion world even when they are not the main attractions. But sheer maxi dresses… didn’t we do that in the early / mid 1990s period that only Marc Jacobs emerged from unscathed?

I have to admit that my curiosity was piqued late last year when girls that get it right like supermodel Abby Lee Kershaw started appearing in sheer maxis, making them look surprisingly good. I saw a great picture of Ms. Kershaw in a nude sheer maxi, dressed down beautifully with some very plain (and very 90s) black ankle boots. When Russian Vogue and Dolce and Gabbana got onboard, of course a trend was born. But the question that still needs to be answered is: how do ordinary women and Russian girls dating incorporate such a surprising and frankly slightly odd trend into their wardrobes.

Needing an answer to this question myself I have put together a few tips:

  1. Combine your sheer maxi with this winter season’s “must have”: your camel coat.  The beauty of camel is that it seems to go with everything, so consider pairing a black or navy sheer maxi with a long camel jacket or coat. I’ve seen some great pictures of trail blazers in New York already adopting this style.
  2. Don’t go too sheer – I think the sheerness of your sheer is the separating line between glam and gauche. Many of the sheer maxis around have an underskirt which stops mid-thigh. If you make sure you have this in place, the sheer maxi can actually be a flattering alternative to a mini and tights.
  3. Dress your sheer maxi down. Dressing your sheer maxi up to the nines, might make you look a little “costume party”. Consider instead combining it with a t-shirt and / or cardigan with some heels. If you want more of a daytime look, pair the sheer maxi with a pair of low heeled ankle boots. I would avoid knee highs as they really spoil the “sheer” quality of the dress.
  4. Go for a sheer maxi skirt. Many of the nicest sheer maxi examples are skirts rather than dresses. These are often easier to dress down during the daytime, with a t-shirt and vintage jacket.
  5. Go for a chiffon fabric rather than something more sheer. Although they look great on the catwalk and in magazine spreads, completely sheer maxis can be a bit much for daily use. This is why chiffon is such a great alternative. With chiffon you can get the sheer maxi look without having to bare your underwear to the world.

So before you dismiss the sheer maxi as unworkable, consider my tips above and join the fashion pack rocking this trend.

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