Choose Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses That Will Make Everyone Happy

Choose Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

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Last Updated on August 25, 2022 by Steal the Style

No one said that preparing for a wedding is an easy task to do but you still have to do your best and organize your schedule. Even though your priorities probably involve choosing your own wedding gown, arranging wedding venue and creating menu, you must not forget to devote your time to bridesmaid dresses as well. It is important to remember that picking the right kind of dress for all of your bridesmaids can be even more challenging than finding your own dress and therefore it is an urgent matter that should be tend to as soon as possible.

Think About Your Wedding Theme

Sometimes, having a theme for a wedding can make things easier when picking bridesmaid dresses because the theme will limit the options color and cut wise. Moreover, if you know what kind of feel you want the dresses to create, the shopping and search will be more directed. For example, spring wedding theme would go perfectly with flowy and comfortable dresses for bridesmaids who would then look like true spring nymphs with flowers in their hair.

Time and Place

Together with wedding theme, big parts of deciding for prefect bridesmaid dresses play the time of the day and place of the wedding. Day and night gowns are always separated and the bridesmaid dresses are no exception. What’s more, you have to think about the setting. If you are holding a wedding ceremony in a regular wedding venue you will have more freedom in choosing the dresses but in case you and your future husband have opted for a more unconventional location such as a beach, park or any place outside, you will have to consider appropriate getup for your bridesmaids as well.

Ask Questions

Before you rush into buying something that you like, make sure to ask your future bridesmaids if there are any dress cuts or colors that they feel uncomfortable with. Even if your wedding day is all about you, you would not want your friends to look and feel awkward in an unsuitable dress. This will also limit your search thus making the shopping for bridesmaid dresses more meaningful and purposeful.

Bring Your Bridesmaids With You

When you feel that you successfully narrowed down the options for bridesmaids dresses, bring your girl friends with you for a fitting and a final say. That way all of you can see what cuts, materials and colors look the best. It is difficult to please everyone, especially if your bridesmaids have different body types and skin tones, but it is necessary to try your best. It would be wise to make sure that your bridesmaids are on friendly terms and willing to please each other in the first place as well, so that you can all go about finding something that will look flattering on everyone. When you finally settle down on the type of dress, make sure to tailor them further so that they would really fit perfectly.

Address the Lingerie Issue

The secret to every piece of clothing looking great is good quality underwear. This is especially true for dresses, so you have to remind your bridesmaids to try and pick supportive and comfortable lingerie that will keep everything in place and make sure that the dresses as well as their bodies look gorgeous. Special attention has to be paid especially if the dresses are strapless, have open back or are completely fitted.

A Cute Twist

Sometimes, flower girl dresses can serve as a great inspiration for bridesmaid dresses as well! This does not mean that your bridesmaid and flower girls have to wear completely the same clothes, but they can have certain details such as colors, tulle, ribbons and other accessories in common. This will not only make the whole wedding ceremony look more uniformed and cute but it will also lift some burden off of your shoulders with having a more concise picture in your mind when going shopping.

Maybe the most important thing when choosing bridesmaid dresses is to have fun with your friends and go shopping without any kind of pressure. Make it all about a fun girls’ time out and enjoy yourselves!