Choose the Right Handbag for Summer

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Above all a handbag for summer must be strong and durable. No doubt it will be taken to stores, to the beach and other recreational facilities and will have many opportunities to be sat on, squashed, tossed about, dropped with heavy items in it and otherwise abused. If the handbag is brought to the beach it will be subject to salt spray and sand, and if brought poolside it might be splashed with chlorinated water. And this also must be said: thieves will look for opportunities to steal what’s in it or steal it outright.


With this in mind the straps of the bag should be adjustable. They should be able to stretch out to a length where they can lay across the body, which will make the handbag much harder to grab. If the handbag has a pretty or sporty exterior the straps can be adjusted to a more usual length or even removed for evening wear.

Pockets and Compartments

A handbag should have lots of inner compartments for stuff, including wallets and keyholders, cosmetics, sunglasses, personal items, cell phones, coin purses, pen holders and snacks. Some handbags are even insulated to keep food either warm or cool for brief periods, and others have ID holders that can be detached. Other handbags might have deep exterior pockets for water bottles. An ideal handbag should come with its own closeable purse as well. All zippers on or in the handbag should have strong, gripping teeth that are not likely to come apart. Snaps should also not be too easy to unsnap, nor should magnetic closures be too easy to undo. External pockets should ideally be on one side only so they can be turned in toward the body and not be exposed to potential pickpockets.

The Exterior

The outside of a summer handbag should reflect the carefree nature of the season. Pastels and bright colors are perfect. Fabrics should be tough, and not easy to cut or tear. They should be lightweight and water resistant while being esthetically pleasing and pleasant to the touch. A cross body handbag should be comfortable to wear. Nylon seems to be the most popular fabric in this case. Nylon is strong, easy to wash, mold resistant, can be printed and dyed in all manner of colors and is colorfast. Hardware and fittings like clips, snaps, pull tabs, handle holders and frames should be rust proof and not subject to being bent out of shape. Magnetic closures should be easy to replace if they lose their strength.


An excellent handbag can be had for well under $80.00. Unless the customer has money to burn, a $1,000.00 handbag makes no sense. The customer’s simply paying for the name of the manufacturer, hardware made of some noble metal and leather made from some endangered species of reptile. But though they may be made of the same good fabrics, have as many compartments and infact may hold even more items than the pricier models, less expensive handbags tend to be not as attractive and can even be said to be utilitarian. It’s up to the customer what sort of handbag will complement her during the long, warm days of summer!

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