3 Concealed Carry Tips

Concealed Carry Tips

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Concealed Carry Tips

The right to bear arms in the United States is a right guaranteed to its citizens by the second amendment. Some states have taken it upon themselves to modify this right. If you live in a state where you are permitted to conceal carry, there are some steps you will want to take in order to protect yourself and those around you. You may want to consider purchasing best clothes for concealed carry, for example. Since some people are uncomfortable around firearms, or if you are trying to surprise an individual with nefarious intentions, proper concealment is important.

Here are three concealed carry tips.


Whether you are first-time concealed carry member or you are a seasoned pro, practice is recommended. At home, put on your gear and get a feel for the new sensation of carrying a firearm inside your jacket, in your shorts and under your arm. You will want to practice your setup so that if you ever do have to reach for your weapon, the motion is fluid and quick. It is also a good time to ensure that you continue to develop safe firearm practices, like ensuring that the safety is on.

Do Not Touch

For some, carrying a firearm is exciting, empowering and a high. Responsible firearm owners know that it is better to carry a weapon and not need to use it than to have to set it off. A concealed weapon should stay concealed. There is no need to advertise that you are loaded. There is no need to show it off, either. If the wrong person knows that you are carrying and where it is, bad things can happen. Individuals with nefarious intentions have attempted to take guns from law enforcement officials. There is nothing to stop them from trying to take your weapon from you, too.

Be Confident

With the excitement, empowerment and high of carrying a concealed firearm may also come some nervousness. Do not allow it to get the best of you. If you are ever confronted with a situation where you can prevent people from getting injured or dying, remaining confident in your skills and weapon is vital.

The founders of America guaranteed citizens the right to bear arms, including concealed carry. If you live in a state that protects your concealed carry right, practice, do not touch it unnecessarily and remain confident.