Crowded Closet? Six Tips on Organizing Your Closet for the Right Season


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The reason why so many closets are nightmarish is obvious. Most closets have doors to hide what’s inside and nothing’s easier than to toss something in, shut the door and forget about it. The problem comes when you have your mind set on a garment, and you open up your closet, and it takes forever to find it in the chaos. What’s worse is when you do find it it’s crumpled from being squashed in among the fall clothes, the spring clothes, the winter clothes and the summer clothes.


There are solutions! Organize your closet for the right season with these tips:

1. Toss It

Get rid of any garment that’s unrepairable. This means you need to throw away your  old stained t-shirt or your favorite jeans that have a hole in the crotch. A garment that’s in good shape, but that you haven’t used in over a year, is no longer in style or no longer fits can be tossed in the box that’s going to charity. If you haven’t worn something in the last few months, you probably won’t miss it.

2. Keep It In Reach

Keep seasonal clothes on the lower shelves or the hanging rods. Out-of-season items can go way up on the top shelves or in boxes or bins. Things that you wear on a regular bases should be the easiest to reach. If you have a closet that slides open, you’ll want your favorite items on the ends for easy access, and the less popular items in the middle where the door makes it harder to reach.

3. Hang It

If you have a tall closet you can add a second hanging rod to literally double its hanging capacity. Onto this second rod you can put shirts, skirts or anything else that’s not full length. You can also add hanging shoe organizers so that you don’t just have all your shoes piled up on your closet floor. If you have a door that opens out, you can attach hooks to hang scarves, belts and purses.

4. Store It In a Rack

A jumble of shoes and boots on the floor of the closet can cause anyone to despair. Buy shoe racks or shoe bags and store the shoes there. If the shoes are still in their boxes, you can take photos of them and tape the photo to the box. That way there will be no more guessing.

5. Keep It Under the Bed

Some people who have more than one closet store warm weather clothes in one and cool weather clothes in another. Another way to store seasonal clothes is to put them in under bed storage organizers with casters. Just keep them under the bed till it’s time to bring them out again. You might want to add lavender bottles or cedar balls to discourage clothes moths. When the weather changes, you can take a couple hours to go through and trade out your clothes.

6. Use Self Storage

If there’s simply too much out-of-season stuff in the closet, but you don’t want to get rid of it, self storage units are the answer. Finding the perfect storage space can be quite a challenge. You’ll have to make sure that they’re affordable, reputable, and secure. However, when you find the perfect one, these units aren’t just good for out-of-season clothes but for furniture you don’t quite know what to do with as well.

Your closet doesn’t have to be a disaster area. When you open the door, you shouldn’t have to worry about things toppling onto your head. These six tips can help you find the seasonal clothes, shoes and accessories you want quickly and easily. At the every least, they will stop you from cringing whenever you have to open your closet door!

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6 closet organization tips