Dare to be Naked: Go without Make-Up this summer

Dare to be Naked

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When the summer sun hits, like it finally has done across England in the past few weeks, we all like to kick our shoes off, let our hair down and feel free in flowing dresses that are light and airy like the day all around us. You can feel the grass beneath your feet, and the breeze flicking through your hair but what about the make-up that is locking your face in instead of allowing it to be free with your natural beauty shining out?

natural beauty

To some women, the prospect of going without make-up can almost be the same as someone saying “why not leave the house without wearing any clothes today?” but that really shouldn’t be the case, and if you truly think about it, it is quite sad that things have gotten this far. You are beautiful as you are and there really is no better time than the summer to give your skin a break from the foundation, the blusher and the mascara and to let it breathe. Firstly, this will help to drag you away from the mirror and outside so you can make the most of the sun – and secondly, giving it a brief rest from make-up (I’m not talking about putting it away forever, but every now and then) as it can do a world of wonders for the health of your skin.

But surely first there are some things to start doing in place of using your make-up on a relaxed summers day, because you’ll still want to look your best while being a glowing, natural woman – and thankfully all of these little tips and tricks are listed below – they’re quite straight-forward but sometimes it can be the simple things that we forget the most.

The Little Things that Count

Let’s start small and with the attention to detail that can give you a burst of new-found confidence without really having to try. This is basically the things that you’ve been told over and over again but can tend to ignore, such as hearing that you should drink 5-8 glasses of water a day (1 and a half litres) and that you should get enough sleep (8 hours). This might sound boring and a bit of a drag, but drinking and sleeping well takes little-to-no effort and will reward you by helping with any shadows and dark circles around the eyes that you might have previously been trying to remove/patch up with make-up.

Pair this with plucking or waxing your eyebrows and you have pretty much already dealt with your eyes, as a good eyebrow shape will help to frame your eyes and help them to burst out with their natural colour without having to be enhanced with any additional product.

The New Regime

We’re all set into our own daily hygiene regimes, and if you stick by your make up day in, day out, you will no doubt be fixed into your own regime, however going naked-faced and make up free will mean taking up a new daily regime which starts the night before and continues the next morning:

– Cleanse: You will probably do this already but it is even more important when preparing for a day without the assistance of any make up, as you will need your skin to be feeling fresh and free of any dirt or left over make-up. Don’t use a product that is too harsh or abrasive as this could have the opposite effect and leave you looking red or have your skin feeling irritated.
– Tone: Now that your skin is clean, free of all make-up and showing off your natural looks, use a toner to close up your pores and reduce any redness that has occurred.
– Moisturize: Smooth everything over with a quality moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin from the sun and so it is soft to the touch.
– Enjoy your Day: And it’s as simple as that! No need for make-up and spending countless minutes applying it all – head out and enjoy the sun… and let it work its magic for your freed skin.

Still feeling too bare? Well if you must, you can cheat without cheating by curling your eyelashes and using lip balm – neither are make-up but can add that little something extra to bring out how good you looked from the second you woke up. Why not try it tomorrow – you might even be wondering why you ever wore make up in the first place?