Decorating Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Look Chicer And More Luxurious

Decorating ideas to make your bathroom look chicer and more luxurious

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If you’re no longer pleased with how your bathroom looks like, perhaps it’s time to make a few changes. Replacing your bathtub or installing new sinks aren’t the only things you can do to improve its aesthetics. You have more affordable alternatives that allow you to give the space some luxury vibes.

Decorating your bathroom can make it look entirely different, as long as you use the right ideas. You don’t actually need to spend a lot of money to make your bathroom décor seem expensive. A few elements incorporated correctly into the bathroom’s design will have impressive effects in terms of aesthetics.

So what exactly should you try first? How can you transform your bathroom into a chicer and more luxurious one? Here are a few options to look over:

Give the Walls a Fresh New Coat of Paint

Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint won’t cost you much, nor will it be difficult. You can engage in this project yourself if you have some basic handyman skills – no need to hire someone to do the job for you. By changing the shade on your walls, you can upgrade the visuals of the space. Play around with colour tones that stand out, and don’t stick to white only – at least one of your walls should be painted in a shade that grabs attention, baby blue is a great example here.

Get New Bathroom Accessories

From your shower curtain to the toothbrush holder, canister and soap dish, each bathroom accessory, as small and insignificant as it may seem, can impact in one way or another the overall décor of your entire bathroom. If you want to obtain an improvement, getting new bath accessories online is an easy and effective solution.

To maintain a coordinated look across the entire space, choose a set. It’s up to you to decide on the colours and patterns of the accessories, but make sure you opt for high-quality options. A brand new soap dispenser, or even a new toilet brush holder can boost the appeal of the décor if these elements benefit from an interesting and chic style.

Go online and see what you have available. If you want to make a safe choice, you can opt for an all-white set – white bath accessories will always look a bit more luxurious, especially if the entire design of your bathroom maintains a monochromatic style.

Don’t forget about your radiators, even if you have given your existing one a fresh coat of paint, your valves can look slightly out of place if everything else is shiny and new. Why not look at matching your valves to your other accessories? Check out the options available at Trade Radiators.

Equip the Space With Some Seating

When you’re looking for décor inspiration online, you will notice that every luxury bathroom has some sort of seating. If you have sufficient space, this is the décor trick you should opt for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you choose an armchair, a tufted ottoman or if you simply stick to a garden stool, equipping the bathroom with a seat can add to the aesthetics of the place. Moreover, this type of decorating idea is also quite practical. From now on, you’ll have a place to seat when you’re doing your pedicure, for example.

Replace Lighting Fixtures

Basic lighting can affect the appearance of any space, and as great as any bathroom might look, without appropriate lighting fixtures, it will feel like something is missing. That’s why you should consider replacing your fixtures. You can stick to LED lighting fixtures, since these are the most energy-efficient ones – so the money you spend on the replacement itself can be obtained back over time, through energy-saving.

You have a variety of lighting fixtures in any home & deco store, and virtually endless options if you buy online. Take a look at a few fixtures and choose something that will work great for your bathroom’s style. With updated, new lights, every décor element in your bathroom will look better.

Get a New Bath Mat

A bathroom won’t look high-end if it has a rusty, old bath mat. This is the décor element you should replace first when you are trying to upgrade the area. If you can afford spending a bit more money and want to go all the way out, choose a Persian or a Turkish rug instead of the classic bath mat. This will not only look much nicer, but it will also feel softer when you walk on it. Choose shades and patterns that can give the bathroom that extra dose of personality. With this type of rug included, the bath area will look far more sophisticated.

Monogram Your Towels

Monogrammed towels are an absolute must for any high-end bathroom, so if you want to give the impression of a more expensive décor, this is one of the tricks you should consider. Bath towels can be used as actual decorations if they are qualitative and pretty enough. Find a store that includes a monogramming option and give your towels a unique and particular twist. And if you want to go one step further with monogramming, you can personalize other bathroom accessories as well, such as tissue boxes or upholstered chairs.

Include a Few Artsy Touches

Just because this is a bathroom space don’t mean you should skip on decorations and art pieces. Giving your bathroom a few artsy touches can truly upgrade the room’s visuals. You can find canvas prints that are treated and water-resistant. The bigger the canvas the more impressive it will look. Photos customized into wall art can also work great here. But you don’t have to stop here, you can add other artsy elements as well, such wood baskets or hanged starfish. The right decorations can make the space seem more authentic, it will allow you to give your bathroom a customized, unique look.

Remodeling your bathroom can turn out to be quite expensive, and if you don’t really have the budget or time necessary for renovations at the moment, you can resort to a few decorating tricks instead. These ideas will allow you to beautify the space and give it that chic and luxurious feel. Each one of these suggestions will provide you with great results, and will help effortlessly boost the aesthetics of your bathroom.

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