Ditch the Chemicals: 5 All-Natural Beauty Products that Are Worth the Higher Price

Five All-Natural Beauty Products that Are Worth the Higher Price

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Natural and organic makeup has become increasingly mainstream in the past few years. Many are concerned about what goes into our bodies, and that sense of awareness has made most of us conscious about what we use on the exterior to beautify ourselves. More and more women are turning to natural and organic makeup, and in response more and more companies that specialize in natural and organic makeup are being created. In addition, existing beauty companies are adding mineral based products to their lines of cosmetics.

1. 100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer

100% Pure is a company that uses fruit and vegetable extracts for its line of color cosmetics. It has an SPF of 20 to help protect your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays. You get beautiful light to medium coverage with this tinted moisturizer. The benefits are two fold in that you are giving your skin a beautiful, even glow while the healthy fruit and vegetable extracts aid in correcting skin imbalances such as acne, dryness, lines, and wrinkles. The application is very easy as the product comes in a pump dispenser.

Simply apply a small amount of the product onto the back of your hand – 1 pump should be enough. Smooth the product onto your face the way that you would with any other moisturizer or lotion. Due to the concentrated organic ingredients in this product, you will find that it lasts longer than typical moisturizers.

100% PURE Tinted Moisturizer (Fruit Pigmented), Golden Peach, Light to Medium coverage, Dewy Finish, Lightweight Foundation, Natural, Vegan Makeup (For Medium-Tan Skin w/ Yellow Undertone) - 1.7 Fl Oz

You can find 100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer for the best price on Amazon.

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Volumizing Brow Powder

Amazonian clay is known for its ability to stabilize the skin and prevent dryness and flakiness. Tarte uses this clay in all of its products.

The volumizing brow powder gives you the look of naturally fuller looking eyebrows without harsh chemicals that could potentially make brows even sparser. If you are someone who has really great eyebrows, applying just a small amount of this powder will give your face a very beautiful frame. The double ended brush is great in that the smaller end allows you to create beautiful brows, while the bigger end of the brush allows you to touch up the roots of your hair in between salon visits.

Application is very easy. Stroke the smaller end of the brush into the powder, tapping off any excess. Sweep the powder onto your brows, starting at the inner part and working your way out. To touch up roots, use the larger side of the brush and apply where you need it. Tarte’s volumizing brow powder can be purchased online at Amazon.

Tarte Big Ego Frameworker Brow Pomade DARK BROWN

3. Josie Maran Chubby Concealer Stick

Infused with argon oil, Josie Maran Chubby Concealer stick is perfect. Perfect because it contains rich argon oil which addresses dryness while beautifully concealing dark spots and redness. The way this easy-to-use concealer works is genius. Simply apply this concealer to any area of concern and gently tap the product into your skin. Unlike other concealers, this stick is very moisturizing, so you only need a very small amount. It comes in a wide array of shades to work well with many different skin tones. To purchase this product, visit JosieMaran.com or Sephora.

Josie Maran Argan Creamy Concealer Crayon (Medium 1)

4. Ecco Bella Lipsticks

Ecco Bella lipsticks are made with natural ingredients that give your lips a beautiful color. These beautiful lipsticks are made with Earth minerals and infused with flower waxes.

Ecco Bella Vitamin E Lip Smoother Vegan Lip Balm (Rhubarb) Ecco Bella Plant-Based Vegan Lipstick (Rosewood)

The result: Beautiful, soft, supple, kissable lips. You have no worries with this lipstick in that you will not be ingesting harmful, toxic chemicals into your system. There are many flattering shades to choose from, from the lightest of pinks and nudes, to deeper berry colors. Simply apply the Ecco Bella lipstick the way you would any other lipstick.

You can find Ecco Bella Lipstocks for the best price on Amazon.

5. Kiss My Face Aloe Vera Toothpaste

Excellent dental hygiene is an absolute necessity to maintaining overall health. According to some dentists, many toothpastes contain ingredients that are toxic. You can still get your teeth clean with a nontoxic, less abrasive toothpaste. Kiss My Face aloe vera toothpaste contains CoQ10 and horse chestnut to keep your gums healthy, aloe vera for soothing, silica to naturally whiten, and menthol and peppermint for a clean, fresh taste and scent. Brush with this toothpaste twice a day to maintain good oral hygiene and white teeth.

Kiss My Face Toothpaste Whitening Anticavity, CE-280, Tea Tree 4.5 Fl Oz

Natural beauty does not have to be difficult or overly expensive. Once you have a few staple products in your arsenal, your beauty routine will become second nature. If you’re looking to avoid applying any toxic chemicals to your face and body day after day, there are plenty of options when it comes to organic and natural products that are toxic-free and good for you.
Five All-Natural Beauty Products that Are Worth the Higher Price