Does Your Makeup Bag Need a Makeover? Know Which Products to Toss and Which to Replace

Does Your Makeup Bag Need a Makeover?

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You have spring cleaning for your closet, garage, and attic, but when was the last time you gave your makeup bag a good clean? While you might think that your makeup is good until it runs out, the truth is you could be harboring some nasty makeup mistakes in your bag. Keep reading to get a few tips for cleaning out your makeup bag, and how to know what stays and what needs to go.

Makeup Sponges

If you typically use a makeup sponge for blending or powder, you should be tossing them after a month of use. Yep, thirty days is all the life you get from those little things, and that’s only if you wash them after every use.

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Your face is never free of bacteria, and these sponges are soaking up that bacteria with each stroke. If you use foundation or liquid products that need to be rubbed in, consider using less product and rubbing it in with two fingers instead of a sponge. If your fingers are clean, they will hold much less bacteria than a sponge that has already been used several times.


Fragrance has a surprisingly long shelf life. On average, those soft floral notes can last for two years or even more. A good rule of thumb is if it starts to turn sour, it’s time to chuck it. If you tend to carry perfume or fancy scents in your makeup bag, try finding smaller, roll-on versions of your favorite perfumes. A pricey bottle of perfume will likely break open if it is left loose in your makeup bag. Plus, if it spills, it will ruin the other products in your makeup collection, so using a roll-on perfume is not only convenient, but safest.

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Face Makeup

You’ve probably got a few jars of liquid face product sticking around, but you should do yourself a favor and throw them in the trash if you’ve had them any longer than six months. You don’t really need to worry about bacteria or infections unless you dip your fingers in the jar, but the quality of your liquid foundation quickly decreases with each month past six months of age. The oil rises to the top and creates a streaky appearance when applied to your face. While liquid concealer and foundation can be good for touchups, you can replace your liquid products with powder for a lighter feeling and smooth blending.

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Teeth Whitening Tools

While these crafty little inventions have led to whiter teeth for many, they’ve also created some undue damage. While you’re cleaning out products that are past their prime, throw out any teeth whitening strips that could be detrimental to your health. According to a dentist in Winnipeg at the Polo Park Dental Centre, teeth whitening strips whiten your teeth by stripping the enamel from your teeth.

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Once the enamel is gone from your teeth, it’s gone for good, never to return. If you’re looking for a brighter smile, try adding some whitening toothpaste and mouthwash to your arsenal. These include safe ingredients that will whiten teeth without damaging them in the process.

Lip Color

The water content of lipstick makes it prime breeding ground for colonies of bacteria. As they age, however, they dry out, so you’re left with lip color that gives you a caked-on appearance and is crawling with nasty little germs. On average, you can get two years of life out of your lipstick, but you should probably toss it out before it reaches that point. You don’t want to keep swiping two-years-worth of dead skin cells and bacteria over your lips multiple times a day. Instead of using thick lipsticks, try using a sheen lip color with a thinner consistency that isn’t as sticky as lip gloss. Creamy lip pencils are also a good alternative to lipstick since they go on easier and you don’t need to use as much to get a good color.

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It’s easy to get comfortable in your makeup routine and continue using products long after you should, but your makeup experience will be infinitely better with fresh products. Things that seem safe can be rife with bacteria that can be causing various skin infections and irritations. Be on the safe side and follow these guidelines to keep your pretty face healthy and smiling. Now you know which products to toss and which to replace in your makeup bag!

Does Your Makeup Bag Need a Makeover?