4 Fashion and Beauty Tips for Winter

Fashion and Beauty Tips for the Winter 2017/18

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Winter is just around the corner, and it’s time for women to make certain adjustments to their fashion and how they care for their body.

Fashion and Beauty Tips for the Winter 2017/18

If you’re concerned about this, then you will most likely benefit from following any off the tis outlined below:

1. Removing Chapped Lips with Olive Oil

If you’ve got chapped lips, the first step is for you to gently exfoliate flakes. Get a mixture of olive oil and some brown sugar, then put the mixture on your lips and use warm clothes from Sukar Site to buff it off. Now that you don’t have to deal with those annoying flakes, you will see better effects of the soothing ingredients that you add. Put on a bam of SPF during the day and add a thicker balm at night to prevent your lips from drying off if you have a heater on or anything.

2. Facial Cleanser for a Red Face

If you’ve got a lot of wind around your area or you’re battling with a serious cold, you definitely don’t want to have a red face. To get it out, wash your face with a calming and soap-free cleanser and top it off with a nice neutralizing agent.

However, if you still see some redness on your face, feel free to add a color-correcting makeup primer or a concealer with a green tint in order to cancel out the redness.

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3. Prevent Dry Skin with Cleansing Oil

Replace your usual face wash with a cleansing oil. This works as it removes dirt and makeup, thereby leaving your natural skin hydrated. From there, you can moisturize the skin with a formula that contains hyaluronic acid, which pulls the hydration out of the outer layer of the skin. You can also apply the same oil rule to your skin as well.

Remember this tip as well: It is recommended that you apply lotion when your skin – both your face and your entire body- is still wet. This will help maximize the benefits of hydration and prevent dryness to a larger degree.

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4. Wash More and Apply Shampoo Regularly  

It is more probable that the cold weather will trigger your scalp and cause it to produce more oil in order to neutralize the dry environment. This means that if you’re not washing regularly and you fall victim of using too much shampoo, the extra oil, when combined with dead cells on your skin, will result in something that looks more like snowflakes when you give your hair a brush.  

To prevent this, make sure to wash more frequently and apply shampoo at least once every week. Also, if you’re looking to get rid of the shampoo for good, make sure to give the shampoo enough time to sit on your head (actually, get it at least 10 minutes). While you wait, you can also shave and apply a face mask. Rinse it off and your hair (and skin) will definitely look better.

4 Winter Beauty Skincare Tips