Fashion Photography 101: 4 Ways to Make Your Photos Look Incredible

Fashion Photography 101: 4 Ways to Make Your Photos Look Incredible

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There are almost 50,000 professional photographers registered in the United States.

With all those photographers out there, it’s hard to break into the industry. The first step in differentiating yourself is to choose a niche. And fashion photography is a lucrative and creative field.

New to fashion photography? Don’t make rookie mistakes! Read on for fashion photography tips that will take your photographs to the next level.

1. More Than Clothes

High fashion photography is about more than clothes. In fact, the accessories make or break these photos.

Start with your outfit of choice then add in accessories. Make a statement with the latest jewelry trends or a stylish handbag. And never forget the shoes.

It’s easy to overdo it with too many accessories. Bring a variety of accessories to your shoot and change them out frequently. This will give you plenty of different options.

2. Location Matters

During a fashion photo shoot, the location matters as much as the clothes and accessories.

Make sure you choose a location that enhances the fashion. The most stunning locations for fashion photography are ones that contradict in style. So for a ball gown shoot, try using an abandoned warehouse for your location.

You can also choose to take your fashion photos in a studio setting. A studio allows you complete control over your lighting and background. Using a studio makes your model and their fashion the sole focus of the photograph.

3. Focus on Lighting

All fashion photography tips are useless if your photograph has bad lighting.

There are many different lighting techniques you can use, including:

  • Split Lighting — The light comes from one side of the photograph. This creates a shadow that splits your subject in half.
  • Butterfly Lighting — Position the lighting directly above the subject. This creates a shadow that looks like a butterfly under their nose.
  • Loop Lighting — The light source is off to the side, at around a 45-degree angle. This angle creates a loop shadow with the subject’s nose.

Also, focus on the quality and color of the lighting. Adding warm or cool color tints to your lighting changes the mood of your photograph.

4. Get Creative

Fashion photography is all about being creative and thinking outside the box.

Don’t be afraid to try something crazy and different. Find a model who is willing to experiment with different styles and is confident in their skin. Then, shoot away.

With digital photography, there’s no reason not to get creative. You aren’t spending money on film for each photo you take. Have a few hours scheduled for each photo shoot and urge yourself to try new angles, props, locations, and styles.

Click for more creative ideas from a photographer who’s not afraid to try something new.

Beyond Fashion Photography

Now you’re well on your way to succeeding with fashion photography.

Remember to focus on more than the clothes and to carefully choose your location. Take time to get the lighting right and don’t forget to get creative!

If fashion photography isn’t your thing, consider becoming a wedding photographer. Read this article to learn what clients look for when choosing their wedding photographer.